Got7s Jinyoung and Jeon So Nee are connected by a potted plant in “When My Love Blooms”.

Got7s Jinyoung and Jeon So Nee are connected by a potted plant in "When My Love Blooms".

tvNs “When my love bloomsReleased new stills for the upcoming episode!

“When My Love Blooms” tells the story of Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo, who first made love in college and met fatefully later in life. Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young play the characters in the present while Got7‘S Jinyoung and Jeon So Nee the characters play during their college years.


In yesterday’s episode, Yoon Ji Soo decided to marry her former husband Lee Se Hoon (Kim Young Hoon) again and finally said goodbye to Han Jae Hyun. However, Han Jae Hyun refused to give up and tracked down Lee Se Hoon to tell him that he would take Yoon Ji Soo back.

A series of new stills shows Yoon Ji Soo both in the past and in the present. In the present, she smiles at her son holding a potted plant while holding another plant in the last photo. The plant seems to have a special meaning that connects its past with its present. Another photo shows Han Jae Hyun in the past watching something in the distance. The audience is excited to see what memories the plant has and how it connects Yoon Ji Soo and Han Jae Hyun.

In a second set of still images, Yoon Ji Soo sits in a lap in a café with his hands clasped. Her cautious expression raises questions about who she is meeting and what difficulties the encounter will bring.

The next episode of “When My Love Blooms” will air on May 17th at 9pm. KST.

Catch the latest episode below:

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