Fun and airy: 5 reasons to watch C-drama “The romance of tiger and rose”

Fun and airy: 5 reasons to watch C-drama "The romance of tiger and rose"

The romance of tiger and roseIs a fun and carefree time traveling romantic comedy.

Drama screenwriter Chen Xiao Qian (Zhao Lu Si) wakes up and finds himself in the script that she wrote. She is now Chen Qian Qian, the arrogant and unlikely third princess in Huayuan City. To make matters worse, Qian Qian is just a minor character who dies early in Xiao Qian’s story. Xiao Qian believes that she cannot return to her world until the story ends. To do this, she must ensure that the original clues in her story, Han Shuo (Ding Yu Xi) and Chen Chu Chu (Zhou Zi Xin) fall in love with each other. She doesn’t know that her appearance has already changed the course of the story.

If you are looking for something sweet and funny, “The Romance of Tiger and Rose” is perfect for you! With a refreshing setup, a fun and gripping plot, and endearing characters, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss this drama!

Warning: smaller spoilers below.

Reversal of traditional male and female roles

Xiao Qian has created two very different cities in her history. The male lead, Han Shuo, is the prince of Xuanhu City, a traditional patriarchal city. After the city of Xuanhu lost a battle against the city of Huayuan, he was sent to the city of Huayuan.

The city of Huayuan, on the other hand, is a matriarchal society in which women run the city. In this city, the traditional roles of men and women are changed. Men are not allowed to go to school or get involved in politics. And a man’s greatest wish is to marry a good woman. Sounds familiar? Well, the drama makes fun of the absurdity of traditional gender roles by playing the role reversal. It is refreshing and a fantastic setup for comedic situations in the drama!

Charming and lovable female lead

The scriptwriter’s journey through time into the world she created definitely creates many laughing moments for the drama. It is also very meta! Qian Qian is constantly breaking the fourth wall to complain about the action tools and terrible drama that she used in her script. She often refers to popular modern slang that confuses the other characters.

As the author of the story, Qian believes that Qian knows what’s going on and what should happen. While she has good intentions for everyone, she quickly realizes that she has no control over who they love and how they think.

In terms of character, Qian Qian is empathetic, lively, and malicious. Though clever, Qian Qian has no idea of ​​romantic love. She is not aware of the romantic clues of our main male role, which she constantly looks at with puppy eyes. The actress Zhao Lu Si is perfect in the role. It is so effortlessly charming and there is only one thing about it that illuminates the scene when it appears!

Hopelessly in love with the male lead

At the beginning of the drama, Han Shuo is ambitious and determined to destroy Qian Qian City and get rid of Qian Qian to marry her sister Chu Chu, who is said to be the heir to the throne. Despite his initial determination, the boy is difficult once he falls in love with Qian Qian. The way he looks at her is absolutely passed out. In every scene, he literally only has eyes for Qian Qian.

While he looks threatening with his big plans and everything in the first episode, he’s really just a softie at heart. He postpones his plan to destroy Huayuan City because he knows Qian Qian will hate him if he does. From his small to large gestures of love, Han Shuo will definitely make your heart beat faster.

Our adorable OTP

Qian Qian and Han Shuo are both amazing in themselves, but together they are simply the best!

Qian Qian has two goals from the beginning. The first is to make sure that Han Shuo falls in love with Chu Chu, as the original script intended. The second is not to be poisoned by Han Shuo. Qian Qian, fully aware of Han Shuo’s ambitions, tries her best to be nice to Han Shuo so that he doesn’t kill her. But her misleading actions make Han Shuo fall in love with her instead. And this is where it gets really funny, because while Han Shuo is about romance and interprets Qian Qian’s actions as romantic feelings towards him, Qian Qian is busy making sure that everything goes according to plan so that she can return to her world.

The beloved male lead and the unsuspecting female lead really work. I love the setup for their relationship and their natural chemistry with each other. It’s so nice to have a male lead role in love head over heels, a 180 degree turn of what you originally expected. They are so ridiculously lovable and cute together that it is impossible not to smile when you look at them!

Great acting

The solid spectacle of the cast also increases the story! The main characters are both very expressive actors, and they fully embody their characters. They have fantastic comedic timing and amazing chemistry with each other, and their magnetic effects draw you into the story and make you believe in their romance.

The supporting cast is great too! My favorite minor characters are the servants of Han Shuo and Qian Qian, Bai Ji and Zi Rui. Besides being an entertaining comic book relief, I love the relationship they have with their respective masters. Bai Ji just wants to go on with his mission to destroy Huayuan City, but Han Shuo is too in love to focus on while Zi Rui is like a little puppy, loyal and lively. Neither of them are the smartest, but it is absolutely fun to see them.

There is just so much to love about “The Romance of Tiger and Rose”. Good pace, refreshing setup and a fun story. With just 24 episodes, it’s the perfect drama for a leisurely weekend. Try it!

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