Former “K-Pop Star” candidate shares how MAMAMOO’s Hwasa inspired her to create “Hidden Singer”

Former "K-Pop Star" candidate shares how MAMAMOO's Hwasa inspired her to create "Hidden Singer"

MAMAMOOHwasa was the last to face the “Hidden Singer” challenge in the September 11th episode.

“Hidden Singer” is a variety show on JTBC in which a famous singer competes against candidates who are trying to perfectly embody the singer’s voice. The impersonators and the singer perform behind the curtains while the audience tries to guess which the “wrong” stars are.

Hwasa said, “The first time I got a casting offer for the show, I thought it was a panelist. I was under a lot of pressure to keep going as a singer. I asked my agency CEO for advice and he said, “This is a place where singers gain a lot of power. Consider an honor and have fun. “

Jun Hyun Moo joked, “If an impersonator wins, they will get 20 million won [about $16,800] as a price. We have already given away 80 million won [about $67,300]. JTBC is in debt. Please win this round. “

Describing Hwasa as a trendsetter, Song Eun Yi said, “She is like Lee Hyori in that everything she does becomes a hot topic.” Kim Jong Min said, “I think Hwasa is like a gem in the music industry. I was shocked to find out she was so young. I like the song “Twit” but my face gets hot when I hear it. [In Korean, the title of the song ‘Twit’ literally means ‘fool,’ which is a common nickname for Kim Jong Min on variety shows.]”

The first song was Hwasa’s duet with Loco, “Don’t”. She said, “It’s a song I enjoyed doing with Woogie and Loco. Loco is now in the military.” Hwasa won the round after the audience correctly identified her voice.

One of the impersonators was Yeo Soo Jin, known as “Army President Hwasa”. She said, “I’ve sung in a lot of different places. I sang MAMAMOO’s songs when I was performing for the Army and got that nickname.”

In round 2 the participants and Hwasa sang their solo track “Twit”. Hwasa said, “Composer Park Woo Sang is good at writing a song that captures how I feel after sharing an idea with him.” After the performance, she said, “I had a lot of self-confidence that round, but while I was singing, I suddenly felt like I was imitating myself. They all sounded so similar. “

Another impersonator was Suk Ji Soo, who made it into the top 6 of SBS’s “K-Pop Star” in the 2016 season. She said, “I was young at the time and there were a lot of hateful comments about how I looked. Every time I sang I felt down. I thought becoming a singer wasn’t the way to go, but last year I heard Hwasa say at a concert, “If I don’t fit the beauty standard of this generation, I’ll be a new standard.” think she is a great role model for women. I believed in what she said and I go towards my dreams. Instead of despair, I will also set a new standard of beauty. “

Hwasa said, “I was the same when I was young. I’ve gotten stronger, but the scars are still there. I can’t give you much comfort, but I want to cheer you on and help you. I sincerely cheer you on. “

In the third round, Hwasa and the participants sang MAMAMOO’s “Decalcomanie” and in the fourth round their latest solo track “Maria”. At the end of the episode she was the second original singer after Kim Yeon Ja to win the “Hidden Singer” challenge.

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