Former ILUV member Minah shares post after attempting suicide

Former ILUV member Minah shares post after attempting suicide

Warning: Discussing suicide.

Former ILUV member Minah was rescued after trying to take her own life.

In July, Minah announced that she was suffering from depression, panic disorder and insomnia after being harassed by former ILUV colleagues. She revealed that she tried to take her own life but was saved by a police officer.

The ILUV agency WKS ENE has rejected all harassment claims from Minah, while Minah’s lawyer in an episode of “E-news exclusiveLast month she had evidence to prove harassment when the case goes to court.

On September 9, Xportsnews reported that Minah had told the outlet in an interview that she was still having problems and that her agency had filed an additional criminal complaint against her for allegedly obstructing business and stealing fan mail.

The agency responded by saying that their claims were false and that they had not made any additional complaints. They told Xportsnews that allegations of defamation, obstruction of business and theft were considered when filing the initial complaint, and they said the investigation was still ongoing.

Minah posted photos of a scale on her Instagram account on September 8th and 9th. She shared that she was working hard to gain weight after losing weight from stress.

On the morning of September 9th, she wrote: “Something I was just thinking about. I just want to leave.”

According to the Seoul Mapo Police Station, they received a call at 12:17 p.m. KST said that day that a woman in her twenties climbed the railing of Seongsandaegyo Bridge and looked down on the Han River. After the police rescued her, they turned her over to her guardian. The woman has been reported in reports as a former girl group member by the surname “Shin” (Minah’s family name).

After the rescue, Minah wrote on her Instagram: “I’m not going to do this again. I’m sorry for you to worry. I really won’t have bad thoughts anymore. Thanks for the support. I thank the people who met me today Many thanks to the fans who reported it. “

After that, she deleted the post and shared a selfie for her fans.

She also posted a screenshot of an article on the rescue stating that Minah was believed to be the woman and which includes a report on her posts on Instagram.

She wrote in the headline, “Please stop posting malicious comments. It’s hard for me. “She also posted screenshots of malicious direct messages she received.

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