First impression: “To everyone who loved me” is more than your basic Rom-Com

First impression: "To everyone who loved me" is more than your basic Rom-Com

To everyone who loved me, “The latest romantic comedy offering from KBS, Stars Hwang Jung Eum as Seo Hyun Joo, a woman who realizes that all men are equal, giving up love and marriage. After Hwang Ji Woo announced that she would remain unmarried for the rest of her lifeYoon Hyun min), a handsome CEO of a pharmaceutical company shows up around her. His arrival also sparked the willingness to protect – as well as other feelings – in Hyun Joo’s close (younger) male friend Park Do Kyum (Seo Ji Hoon).

Here’s a closer look at what happened in the Premiere episodes:

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Seo Hyun Joo is a webtoon producer who works at My Toon. She goes far beyond this in her work, tidies up the artists she looks after, models reference photos for her and even chases her around if she can’t upload her work before the deadlines. Basically, she’s a glorified babysitter. Her efforts are paying off, however, because her artists’ webtoons are top of the list on her website, making her the agency’s top producer.

While Hyun Joo is great at her job, her personal life has less outstanding results. She meets her first boyfriend in high school, who is a complete mom boy. Of course, he separates from her because his mother tells him. Then a parade of not so big friends continues, causing her to lose her belief in love. Then a guy comes in who apparently changes her mind. He even suggests and they throw an engagement party, but as it turns out, the engagement party is for them to get engaged to their eternal partner … to themselves. Hyun Joo announces that she has many reasons against marriage and cannot imagine for marriage, and therefore intends to remain single for the rest of her life. It’s a passionate speech, and while it is supposed to predict how she is doing Not She will stay single for a long time and still makes some great points. I particularly like the message of how important it is to love yourself.

Love their attitude!

That doesn’t mean that their anti-marriage determination is something new. While she was still in elementary school, she told her classmates that her dream was to remain unmarried. Here the drama gets a little more interesting. Little 27 years ago, little Hyun Joo accidentally fell into a lake and ends up in the hospital. After waking up, she has a craving for soju! Apparently the accident left her with memories of her last three lives. And in these past lives, she falls in love with the same man, but also experiences heartache every time.

And this man is none other than … Hwang Ji Woo. (Or at least someone with the same face).

Hwang Ji Woo is the CEO of the pharmaceutical company Sunwoo. In these premiere episodes we don’t learn too much about his background story. What we learn is that he’s a CEO, gets panic attacks in a confined space, and … he’s a bit of a stalker. Granted, the drama probably doesn’t intend for him to get away this way, but the way the drama colors his scenes makes things less romantic and creepy.

Ji Woo initiates a plan for Hyun Joo to be fired by My Toon so that he can take her to his company for people to follow her, take security photos of her, and even kidnap her blind date. If I knew that my future partner did all of this to get us together, I would honestly be more than a little freaked out. Sure, they are “destined” to be together, and it seems like he remembers them from their past lives. In his mind he’s just trying to get her back, so … don’t hesitate to draw your own conclusions, I think.

He is literally informed by people about Hyun Joo’s actions.

And to round off our love triangle, we have Park Do Kyum, a top-notch webtoon artist.

He grew up next to Hyun Joo and therefore has a close relationship with her. When he hears that the agency wants to fire Hyun Joo, he goes on strike out of loyalty. And when Hyun Joo joins Sunwoo’s webtoon planning team (yes, the pharmaceutical company now has a webtoon development department), she also brings Do Kyum with her. They are so close together that Ji Woo can’t help but be jealous of their close ties.

Thank you for saying what we think, Do Kyum!

If you ask yourself in related news why the combination of Yoon Hyun min and Seo Ji Hoon looks so familiar, here’s why: after 699 years Moon Chae won Finally fed up with waiting for her lumberjack man to be born again, she dropped the two men for Lee Joon Gi. With a broken heart, the two boys feel determined to meet instead. How’s that for a little AU fan fiction? (This is a little bit “Mama Fairy and the LumberjackReference for everyone who feels lost. And yes, Moon Chae Won meets again Lee Joon Gi in the “Flower of evil, Premiere at the end of July).

Now back to our regular programming.

While I initially thought this was just your ordinary rom com, I was pleasantly surprised when we learned about the angles of past lives quite early in the first episode. The drama suddenly became more fascinating and the montage looked so beautiful and fascinating that I couldn’t wait to see more of their past lives. (Spoiler: We see more!). It’s strange, however, why director Ji Woo’s face is hidden in the Joseon era timeline when we see his face in the previous montage, so we all know who it is anyway.

Hyun Joo from the Joseon era is so pretty!

Also props for this beautiful transition:

This is when little Hyun Joo falls into the lake and wakes up with her memories from previous lives.

As for the comedy side, it tends to have a youthful sense of humor, so this may not be for everyone. There are exaggerated facial expressions, slapstick, gags and so on. Director In (In Gyo Jin) as a character is supposed to be funny in an incompetent but pompous way, but he really comes out as “eww” rather than “haha”. However, if you can look beyond these little things, you will experience what promises to be a hearty meal that is full of romance and self-growth with one side of the intrigue.

In each epoch, a handkerchief with a silk tree motif appears again and again.

Watch the premiere of “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” here:

Now look

How did you find the premiere of “To All The Guys Who Loved Me”? Will you continue to tune in? Let us know in the comments below!

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