Final Fantasy 7: How to Get Aerith’s Great Gospel

in the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Limit Breaks can change the game and Aerith’s Limit Breaks are extremely useful for your party. In the original Final Fantasy 7Aerith had a limit break called Great Gospel, which was able to restore the health and magic of all party members and remove all negative status effects. The best of all the capabilities of the Great Gospel was that it gave the party temporary invincibility in addition to all of these benefits.

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Unfortunately in Final Fantasy 7 remakeThe Great Gospel is not available, but its two border breaks of the healing wind and the protection of the planet give a sneak peek of what the Great Gospel might be when it becomes available in the future Final Fantasy 7 remake Games. At the moment we have to be happy with what she has, although it doesn’t hurt to know what it could be like in the future if we look at the original game and how we can get there, which is exactly what we’re going to do .

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Items needed to achieve a great gospel in Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Sleeping Man Cave

Getting the great gospel for Aerith takes a bit of preparation, as it takes a few things to get it. The most important thing is to get a Mythril item that is needed for a small action. The first item required is the buggy, which allows the group to travel through the main world a little faster than just walking. It is obtained by go to the golden saucer and to be released from prison by Dio. He gives the party an excuse for locking everyone up. The Mythril, the other item that is needed, is obtained by using the buggy and driving to the Costa del Sol region and finding a cave near Junon that contains a sleeping person. He only gives the mythril if the group has fought an odd number of battles and the last two numbers must be double numbers or double zeros such as 355, 200 or 711.

How to get a great gospel in Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Great Gospel

After you receive Mithril, there is an arms seller east of Gongaga. To get there, the group must have the little bronco, which triggers a scene in which the arms seller talks about a keystone and the temple of the old. As soon as you have had a conversation with the arms seller, some menu options open and the group can give him the mithril in return for the contents of the boxes in his house. The box on the second level contains the Great Gospel. Don’t go for the box on the first floor, otherwise a golden armband will be the reward and these can get almost anywhere. A small note about opening the box is included in the Great Gospel Guide, but it can only be used if everyone Aerith’s Limit Breaks being found.

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