Fans choose the best 4 scenes from “Oh My Baby”

Fans choose the best 4 scenes from "Oh My Baby"

With only two episodes left until the final, the audience selected the best four scenes from the TVN drama. “Oh my baby”!

The Wednesday-Thursday drama is about a woman named Jang Ha Ri (Jang Nara), a workaholic career woman who wants to have a baby before it’s too late. Just when she decides to skip marriage to make her dream of becoming a mother come true, three men unexpectedly come into her life.


Here are the tips from the fans!

Episode 1: Jang Nara’s crying scene at the gynecologist

Jang Ha Ri has everything except her own baby. She even decides to freeze her eggs in hopes of having a baby, but in the end she is diagnosed with endometriosis. Jang Ha Ri receives the heartbreaking news that she doesn’t have much time to realize her longstanding dream of becoming a mother.

The audience was impressed by Jang Ha Ri’s scene during the impressive performance of the gynecologist and Jang Nara. Some fans loved how well Jang Nara’s acting and the OST of the drama fit together.

Episode 4: Jang Nara and Go JoonScene in Pojangmacha (a tent food stall)

Over time, Jang Ha Ri relies on a sperm donation, but it gets in trouble. Parent magazine readers are now opposed to Jang Ha Ri’s decision and announce that they will boycott Jang Ha Ri’s magazine “The Baby”. At that moment Han Yi Sang (Go Joon) says: “But she didn’t commit a crime?” and takes Jang Ha Ris side. Han Yi Sang is worried about Jang Ha Ri, who will then be suspended from work for a month, and he invites her to drink with him. Han Yi Sang has a drink with Jang Ha Ri and consoles her. Jang Ha Ri opens up Han Yi Sang and shows him that she wants to become a mother.

The audience began to grasp the romance between the characters when the two met. The fans talked about how much they loved it, how pretty the scene and the background music were. Some commented that the drama touched them with each character’s inner story, and other fans noticed that the drama is both a rom-com and a story about growth.

Episode 8: Go Joon’s Monologue

Han Yi Sang has long supported Jang Ha Ri on their journey, and the scene where Han Yi Sang reveals his feelings towards Jang Ha Ri in the eighth episode touched the audience. In the scene, Han Yi Sang says: “I would also like to take the hand that Jang Ha Ri endures like normal lovers who do what their heart desires. In uncertain moments, I just want to go to you, even if it’s an oversight. “His lines show how Han Yi Sang, despite his feelings, could not easily approach Jang Ha Ri in the past.

The audience expressed their love for Go Joon’s voice and the honest confession of his character. An audience member commented, “Jang Ha Ris episode 6 episode and Han Yi Sing’s episode 8 episode are the best.”

Episode 12: Jang Nara says, “Will you be a place I can go back to?”

As the love of Jang Ha Ri and Han Yi Sang continues to grow, Jang Ha Ri starts dreaming of a future with Han Yi Sang. Jang Ha Ri thinks deeply about her future as she talks to Kim Eun Young (Lee Wed Thu.) who has a child and Park Yeon Ho (Baek Seung Hee) who is married without children. Jang Ha Ri then reflects on her mother (played by Kim Hye Ok) who has been hospitalized in the past. Jang Ha Ri thinks of a “place to go back” as someone who has no mother to greet after she comes home from work. Jang Ha Ri looks at Han Yi Sang and wonders, “No matter how far you travel and how tired you get, you only need one place to return to. Then they can hold on. Will this person be my place? “

The audience loved seeing Jang Ha Ri and Han Yi Sang as a haven for each other. Some also chose the scene from Episode 12 as the most touching scene, others mentioned that Jang Nara’s lines made her cry and expressed support for the couple. A viewer commented, “I was tearing up when Jang Ha Ri entered the empty house without her mother, as if it were a summary of everything that has happened so far.”

“Oh My Baby” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:50 p.m. KST.

Check out the latest episode of “Oh My Baby” below!

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