Extraction 2 In Development At Netflix, Chris Hemsworth will hopefully return

Extraction 2 is officially working on Netflix with Joe Russo, who is supposed to write the sequel. After several years at Marvel Studios, Anthony and Joe Russo begin the next phase of their careers. They founded their own production company, AGBO, and quickly worked on a number of projects, such as: 21 bridges with Chadwick Boseman. While her next directorial work is Tom Holland’s drug / war drama cherryJoe wrote the screenplay for Chris Hemsworth’s action film extraction first.

Directed by longtime stunt performer and director Sam Hargrave. extraction He recently made his debut on Netflix and introduced the big audience to the streamers Hemsworth’s new action hero Tyler Rake. The film focuses on Rake’s attempt to save and keep a child alive, with the action highlighted in advance by extractionPublication and in reviews of the film. Although the film was self-contained, it left room for more stories with Tyler Rake that could possibly be told, and Netflix is ​​now ready to make it happen.

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According to DeadlineJoe Russo has signed a contract for the screenplay Extraction 2. Joe said in a statement that confirmed the news “We are not yet committed to whether this story goes forward or backward in time. We have left a big loose end that leaves question marks for the audience.” At this point, Sam Hargrave still has to sign up to lead the sequel, and Chris Hemsworth has no contract to return. The report finds that Netflix is ​​waiting to complete these deals until the script completes.

Chris Hemsworth in extraction

The announcement that a continuation of extraction is under development should not come as a surprise. Netflix has managed to make strong use of the Russians’ first post-Marvel creation. The company recently shared this extraction is well on its way to becoming the greatest movie premiere ever on Netflix. Although Netflix doesn’t know how many people saw the film at the time, Netflix predicts that 90 million households will have seen the film after four weeks. However, it is not clear which metric Netflix applies to this projection, since a view can only count after two minutes of film.

In view of the popularity of extraction with Netflix subscribers and the ambiguous end, Extraction 2 Getting ahead is a breeze. Although the sequel is only just entering the development process, the decision to have Joe Russo write the screenplay solo again may be questioned. The history of extraction, based on a comic co-written by Joe, has been criticized for its white savior element since its release. Extraction 2 may benefit from another voice working on the script, but this new perspective could be added later in development. For the time being the continuation of extraction moves forward and only time will tell how (or whether) the creative team changes.

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Source: Deadline

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