Exclusive: TREASURE answers fan questions about future goals, fun facts about yourself and more

Exclusive: TREASURE answers fan questions about future goals, fun facts about yourself and more

TREASURE have made their long awaited debut!

The newest boy group from YG Entertainment recently made an impressive entry into the industry with their debut single album “THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE” and the title track “BOY”.

Before their debut, the group took some time to answer questions fans had submitted about Soompis Instagram.

Check out their answers below!

What are you most looking forward to after your debut?

Asked by @ugirlspage

Choi Hyun Suk: I’m really looking forward to making our music known to the world!

Is there anything that worried you before your debut?

Asked by @amandaaacy

Jihoon: We felt a lot of pressure because our debut preparations took a long time. We want to show everything we have prepared and there have been some concerns as to whether we would be able to do so.

Which member suits the debut concept best?

Asked by @jikyuwoo

Yoon Jae Hyuk: I cannot choose just one member. I will say TREASURE. You will be able to feel that all 12 members are an integral part of the team and each shine in their own way in their positions.

What are the special charms that set TREASURE apart from other K-pop groups?

Asked by @kimkjjong

Doyoung: It’s our 12 different charms! Of these, we will first show you our freshness!

What kind of artist do you want to be?

Asked by @ainunqm

So Jung Hwan: We will become a group that will leave our mark on history!

What do you want to achieve this year?

Asked by @pandeobi

Park Jeong Woo: We want to enter the top 100 of the domestic music charts! Our biggest goal is to meet the expectations of our fans and to keep growing.

You entered a billboard table before the debut. How does that feel?

Asked by @allisyath

Junkyu: We’re so grateful to our fans for doing us such a great honor even before our debut, and it motivated us to work harder on the prep.

What’s your favorite part in the music video?

Asked by @noriluvbot

Mashiho: Definitely the group choreography scene in the stadium. It’s even more memorable because it was the first scene we shot in our first music video. I remember we all did our best together to do the group choreography.

What will you do for fans if you win on a music show?

Asked by @ junghwanie.haraboeji

Yoon Jae Hyuk: We once shot a cute performance video in animal pajamas for our “Going Crazy” performances. We’re going to shoot a performance video with funny disguises like emojis !! We are ready for anything if our fans want it!

Which concepts would you like to try out in the future?

Asked by @ 364niko

Asahi: We are a group made up of different members. That’s why we want to try out as many concepts as possible!

Which artist would you like to work with?

Asked by @ hanmae635

Jihoon: We can’t dare to choose a Sunbaenim (Senior Artist). Instead, we’ll do our best to make them think, “They’re good. I would love to work with them.” We want to be artists like that!

Have you received advice from your senior artists at YG Entertainment?

Asked by @candee_andrade

Choi Hyun Suk: What I remember most was when we were told not to worry too much that we were perfect and practice endlessly while we doubt ourselves. The Council has become a source of determination for us to unite and go back to work when we are tired.

How has your relationship changed as a group after dating for a year or two?

Asked by @estavillakeisha

Bang Ye Dam: We spent so much time together that the year or two felt like 10-20 years, and we got close enough not to be different from brothers! The prep time was a time that really felt like treasure to us.

If you could travel abroad with your members, where would you like to go and why?

Asked by @bell_ntnch

Yoshi: I want to go to Los Angeles or New York together. Members always talk a lot about them and they are great places where cultural industries like music or fashion that each of us likes thrive!

Why did you fall in love with music?

Asked by @sei_aishiteru

Haruto: There was probably a different reason for each member, but it’s really true that thanks to the music of YG’s high-level artists like BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, BLACKPINK and AKMU, we have gathered in one place. We are guys who love YG’s music!

Who do you think will do best at variety shows?

Asked by @ivanacarissaa

Junkyu: Jeong Woo and Jihoon. When you watch our Treasure Map video content, you will immediately feel their hypnosis, not worn and witty language.

What dramas or films have you seen lately?

Asked by @atisha_putri

Jihoon: All members recently watched “The Truman Show” together. It left a strong impression as the main character’s story, in which he caught public attention from the start and breaks through the barriers to which he was confined, seemed to reflect our determination. It’s like TREASURE’s first step and the leap forward called “THE FIRST STEP”. Are you looking forward to it?

What kind of fashion do you all have?

Asked by @rubiianca

Doyoung: Since we usually spend our days practicing, we usually wear comfortable sweats. At the same time, the 12 members each have their own sense of fashion. It will be fun to discover the little details [of our fashion] shown through different content!

Which member speaks the most in the group chat on TREASURE?

Asked by @jikyuwoo

Yoshi: If Ye Dam can think of something funny, even walking down the street, he’ll send it to our group chat. You could say he’s an expert on everyday jokes. Jihoon and Jae Hyuk react endlessly to what the members say. There are times when they send responses even when nothing has been said haha.

What types of videos do you watch most on YouTube?

Asked by @ haesun.fe

Bang Ye Dam: I enjoy watching channels with music related content like Coachella and the BET Awards. I am amazed and also get inspiration by watching the creatives of prominent artists through different contents. Occasionally I watch too Mukbang (Eating) videos when I’m hungry!

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Asked by @niconicolenic

Asahi: I hope the day will come when all members can travel somewhere together.

Please share a message for your global fans.

Asked by @_. Bia.m._

Choi Hyun Suk: TREASURE MAKER all over the world, TREASURE is finally coming to you. We have been passionately prepared to meet your expectations. Please keep an eye on us. We love you TREASURE MAKERS !! And always: (in English) TREASURE is everywhere, so find your TREASURE !!

Thank you for your great questions, TREASURE MAKER!

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