Exclusive: LOONA answers fan questions about comeback destinations, favorite songs and much more

Exclusive: LOONA answers fan questions about comeback destinations, favorite songs and much more

LOONA is back with her third mini-album “12:00 (Midnight)” and her new title track “Why Not?”

Orbits (LOONAs fans) let us know via Soompis what they were curious about Instagram Stories, and we asked members some of your questions! Read their answers below:

What was your favorite part in preparing for this comeback?

Asked by @minnayu_

HyunJin: I liked everything from being able to greet Orbits with a new album to trying to try a new genre of music! I think that’s why our members and everyone who works with us prepared in a good mood for the album. Please show a lot of love for our album!

Choir: First of all, I liked the fact that we challenged ourselves to a new concept. It’s a song we can have fun with on stage. I think it will be a song that a lot of people can enjoy and that is what I like best.

Chuu: Through this album we could clearly feel the growth in teamwork between our members. Communication between members has improved and I felt that we were more considerate of each other and looked after each other. It feels like our relationship has deepened.

YeoJin: We’re making a comeback with a song that we can all enjoy together with Orbits. So I had fun preparing for it while imagining how Orbits will like it.

What are your goals or expectations for this comeback?

Asked by @muhamadafifrahim

Olivia Hye: I hope that our scores on music charts and music shows will improve one step further than our scores on “So What”.

HeeJin: Instead of worrying about the results, I want LOONA to grow together and the team to become stronger.

Chuu: LOONAs luck! I mean it that way!

YeoJin: I think our goal is to get better results than our previous album. Please look forward to it.

Which song on this album describes you best?

Asked by @gverreropablo

Kim Lip: Lots of people liked “Voice” and “Universe” when they were revealed by the Highlight Medley. I like them all, but if I had to choose one, “Universe” would best fit LOONA’s style.

ViVi: “Fall again.” I liked the song so much from the moment I first heard it.

JinSoul: I think the title track “Why Not?” The reason for this is that in my part I have the opportunity to show both my rap and my singing. Since the mood of the song changes a lot, I can show a lot of facial expressions. From my parts, I think my part in the bridge best shows my favorite voice timbre.

Are there any artists you’d like to work with?

Asked by @idalchuu

HeeJin: I would like to join Zion.T. work together. I find his unique voice very charming, so I definitely want to work with him one day.

Choir: I would like to work with Christopher. He’s an artist I hear a lot these days. Personally, I’m a fan. So if I get the chance, I’d love to have a phase together.

Chuu: I want to work with Crush. I like the tone and color of his voice, so I’ve covered his songs a lot since I was younger. I listened to his last song[[[[Red velvet‘S] joy and fell in love with her so I thought I’d love to work with him in the future too. I’m excited to see what we would do if we worked on music together, and I think he makes the kind of music I strive for.

Go Won: I would love to work with Grimes again. She brought our song to life for LOONA yyxy and I think she cares a lot about LOONA so I would love to see her again if the opportunity arises.

What do you hope to see for LOONA in five years?

Asked by @skittytrainer

Olivia Hye: I hope we can be singers who show the public new things five years later.

ViVi: In five years time, I want to show more of the music and choreography we want to make, as well as our improved selves. We work well together now, but I hope that we will know each other even better and then be like a real family. Regarding albums, I want us to actively participate in the planning process and grow in a positive direction so that we can bring in our own ideas. The most important thing is that I want all of us to be healthy and happy for five years into the future.

JinSoul: Five years later, I hope that we can continue to be a group that is not ordinary and always tries and shows new things. I hope we have grown a little more compared to now to be a group that is widely known to the public.

YeoJin: I hope LOONA will be stronger than it is now. We’re strong now too, but five years can be considered both short and long. I hope LOONA can become a warmer, nicer group.

If you could be another member for one day, who would it be and why?

Asked by @youngjae_aura

HyunJin: YeoJin. I want to whine to the older members than that Maknae (youngest member).

ViVi: HyunJin. HyunJin has overcrowded stamina and I am jealous of it at times.

Yves: Go won. Go Won has a very clear and charming voice, so there are songs that I think only go with Go Won’s voice. I sometimes think if I had Go Won’s voice I would love to sing these songs.

YeoJin: ViVi. I think ViVi is someone who values ​​their time alone. She probably has a lot of thoughts and worries, and when she has negative thoughts I want to rid her of those thoughts in my own way.

If you could dedicate a song to your fans, which one would it be?

Asked by @zacharyloftin

Kim Lip: I have so many, but I would like to dedicate “365” to the fans who went through difficult times with us. We were so curious to see our fans’ reactions when we released this song. I was deeply impressed when they enjoyed it and sang with us at our fan meeting.

Go Won: “Where are you.” It’s our own song, but I like it a lot and it comforts me at times. I want our fans to hear and feel with us.

YeoJin: “Universe.” There are several lines in the lyrics that really touched my heart. If someone is having a hard time these days, I want them to find warm comfort through this song.

What songs outside of your own are your favorites right now?

Asked by @zzoinkies

HeeJin: I have listened to[[[[SHINee Member] TaeminOften times “criminal” these days. I was amazed at his use of facial expressions on stage.

Chuu: I like “If you want a star”. I saw the movie Pinocchio late one night and it made a sea of ​​tears, and that song was on the OST. It’s a song that made me think a lot, recognize what’s valuable, and think positively in difficult situations.

YeoJin: These days I often hear BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls”. When I get into a song, I only hear that one song and I keep hearing that song because it’s from a genre that I really like.

Can you send a message to international orbits?

Asked by @_smngg

HyunJin: Orbit, always thank you. We always think of orbits too and I want to say that I love you. I want to see you soon!

Olivia Hye: Although we can’t see each other up close often, thank you for always giving us strength from a distance, as if you were right next to us. You are a big part of my life Please continue to love LOONA very much.

Choir: Orbit! We came back to you again this time with a fun and exciting song ~ I hope you will enjoy the “Midnight Festival” (LOONA’s online concert) with LOONA!

Yves: Orbits, I am always so indescribably grateful that you send us so much support and love, even though we are so far apart. It is annoying that in this situation it is even more difficult for us to go abroad, but we will practice hard during this time to keep growing, being healthy, and performing great beyond your imagination. Please wait a little and don’t forget that we are always thinking of you.

YeoJin: Although we cannot meet directly, we always prepare intensively and think about meeting international orbits. I hope Orbits stay healthy too and wait for us. Watch your health. I love you.

Thank you Orbits for all of your questions!

Check out LOONA’s “Why Not?” On. Music video here!

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