Did Doctor Who write the companions for the 2020 Christmas special?

Jodie Whittaker’s joyous attitude Doctor WhoThe title Time Lord will appear on TV again in the “Revolution of the Daleks” in December, but it may be a little more isolated than we are used to seeing it. Since the thirteenth doctor was introduced in “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” in 2018, she has been almost inseparable from Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill), Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole) and Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh).

This relationship has expanded to the audience’s relationship with these characters. The series has often used the emotional arches of her companions as a point of reference instead of the less categorized, more complex inner life that the doctor leads. This was intensified during Chris Chibnall’s term as showrunner. Although there are no really “Blink” or “Turn Left” Doctor-lite episodes yet, Yaz, Ryan and Graham have filled in the doctor’s terms. “a very flat team structure. “

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At the end of season 12, however, this dynamic seems to be under threat. After the escape the master, his cybermen, and a planet-eating fire, the doctor drops her friends back on Earth. This in and of itself is not uncommon, and there have been several times in the past few seasons that story hooks have emerged from the time that Yaz, Ryan and Graham spent in Sheffield. The problem is that this time, immediately after he drops her off, the doctor is arrested by a group of increasingly dark judoins and locked up somewhere in space.

As clearly as this cliffhanger triggers the initial conflict of the Christmas special (the main conflict will probably be with the Daleks), this also indicates a possible break with the philosophy of the “Resolution” of 2019, which the doctor and her allies have for the holidays. Don’t fret for fans of the Earthlings: Chibnall said Radio times that the quartet will be reunited in the special. But a lot can happen in a TV lesson. Look no further than “The Christmas Invasion”, which, although it was the first real episode of David Tennant, didn’t really contain a fully functional representation of his doctoring until the climax. In this sense, the breakup could easily take a little longer than Chiball’s comments might imply at first glance, even if there is another TARDIS in the mix.

This absence could signal a return to a practice common in previous years: Christmas guest companions. A star laundry list has graced seasonal episodes, including Kylie Minogue, David Morrissey, Michael Gambon, Richard E. Grant and Nick Frost. The tradition was even the impetus for fan favorite Donna Noble, who was originally a one-shot figure for Catherine Tate, before the actress returned full-time a year later. With all the potential inherent in a unique co-star spot and knowing that Yaz, Ryan and Graham will definitely return in some form, “Revolution of the Daleks” seems ready to present itself Doctor Who Fans with the best of both worlds, who will help the Time Lord to juggle their multiple crises at the same time.

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