DAY6’s Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon reveal their first impressions, praise each other’s voices and much more

DAY6's Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon reveal their first impressions, praise each other's voices and much more

Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon from DAY6 recently participated in a picture and interview with Allure magazine!

Referring to a previous interview DAY6 conducted with Allure, where they were asked whether they were an “idol band”, “idols” or a “band”, the interviewer asked whether DAY6 had received this question. Young K replied: “We still understand it. However, compared to the past, we get it much less. “Wonpil added to make it clear:” We don’t care who we are. “

Dowoon spoke about their first impressions of each other and said: “Wonpil was a lot of fun from the start. Do you know how Young K looks subtly sharp and sexy? That’s why I found him cool and scary at first. He had charisma. “

Young K continued: “My first impression of Wonpil was that he had a buzz cut, was wearing his school uniform, and was smiling very brightly.”

Wonpil replied: “We had been waiting for a drummer and we were all very excited to get to know Dowoon. I also have an older sister at home and always wanted a younger brother. When Dowoon joined, I was able to evade the youngest member and was so happy. My first impression of Young K was that he was a passionate man. He did everything very hard and I thought that he was a different guy than I … “

Since its debut in 2015, DAY6 has focused more on promotions through live performances than on broadcasts. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages, Wonpil said: “A professional can often communicate with fans. We probably had around 100 performances last year. Thanks to these achievements, we have grown a lot and have built a bond with our fans. “

Dowoon replied, “I really don’t think there are downsides.” He continued with a laugh: “Since we don’t appear on TV much, there are people who don’t know us, but I honestly like that people don’t recognize me.”

Young K replied, “If I had to choose a fraudster, I would say that even though we are in our sixth year of promotion, we have no broadcasting capabilities compared to those who often appear in shows.” We could get nervous or unsure when to comment. “

The group also shared thoughts about the votes of its members. Wonpil said: “Young K’s is like red wine. There is both a sexy and a stable feeling. I have liked Jaes voice since he was on” K-Pop Star “, so I was so fascinated when he joined our team His voice is the one I want the most Sungjins is like rice soup. [His voice] is very focused. “

Regarding Dowoon, Young K said, “It’s like a blank sheet of paper. While we’re originally singers, Dowoon isn’t. I don’t know if that’s the reason, but instead of singing, he interprets and it comes naturally out. It sounds very pure and sincere. The way Dowoon sings like he speaks is our secret weapon. “

When asked what they were preparing, the group announced that they had a lot of songs that they wanted to share with the fans. Young K added: “I think we will have fun soon!”

Finally, the boys were asked which encouraging words they wanted to hear the most. Wonpil replied, “Thank you,” while Young K said, “That they support us.” Dowoon delightedly commented, “Let’s go have a drink!” I have no friends to drink with. “

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