CS Interview: Lisa Whelchel Talks About the Star Wars Special Edition of Collector’s Call –

CS Interview: Lisa Whelchel talks about the Star Wars special edition of Collector’s Call

MeTVs Collector’s Call, moderated by Lisa Whelchel, is currently broadcasting its second season and offers a fascinating look at a number of pop culture collectors across the country. This week Lisa travels to the home of mega-star wars collector Eric Pfeifer, who shows his extensive collection of memorabilia. To celebrate the occasion reached out to speak to Lisa about the show and that particular episode.

Here is the official summary of the show: MeTV Network, America’s No. 1 classic television station, proudly presents its first original TV series, Collector’s Call. The unwritten series is moderated by Lisa Whelchel (Blair on the Facts of Life) and introduces you to some of the country’s greatest collectors of pop culture memorabilia.

Collector’s Call will be broadcast on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. PT on MeTV. Collector’s Call got off to a good start! After a first season with 13 episodes, you are back in the second season with 26 episodes. Were you surprised by the success of the show?

Lisa Whelchel: You know, I can’t say I was surprised because I really felt as long as someone could tune in and watch it, I mean they’d fall in love with it as much as I did. I didn’t expect to enjoy this show as much as I did. And I think I have the same feeling for the audience if they would try, if they would fall in love with me as much as I do, because there is just so much of this show that is just wonderful. And I mean that very positively because there is so much on TV that I now think that we can just go to bed and feel dark and dirty and it doesn’t lift us up. And this show because most collections are tied to the childhood of the collector and allow us as viewers to see parts of our own childhood. And if it’s not something we can relate to personally from our own childhood, there is a whole aspect of learning about a subculture that we didn’t know about before. We could go deep and start to appreciate it. There is just so much on the show that it makes it fabulous that I was only surprised that I was glad that enough people tuned in to become as addicted as I had imagined.

CS: How many collectors do you call each week? And how do you determine which ones you want to visit and bring to the show?

Whelchel: Yes, great question. I dont know. I know that there is a very robust website, a Collector’s Call Website and Facebook page, because collectors, one of the great things I learn about these collectors is a built-in community, because if you have a shared passion for collecting something, you will immediately have something to talk about. And so many of these collectors have incredible friendships and incredible communities. And so all these small communities are now joining together and forming a large community on the Collector’s Call Website. And so I know that there are many collectors who send in pictures of their collections. And I know that the producers pretty much have a full-time job by just going through them and finding one that we can visit in person.

CS: You have a special Star Wars episode that looks absolutely fantastic. What can you tell us about this episode?

Whelchel: Well, I think one of the best things about this collector is that we have some collectors that are more about quantity. Some collectors are more about quality. And this particular collector, Eric and his mother, is really a great combination. This is a nice collection. It is a beautifully exhibited collection. His entire house, every room in the house is like a Star Wars museum. It is complete war of stars Conventions in his home. And in the basement it’s like the best war of stars – Okay, if Toys “R” Us only sold that war of stars Memorabilia and collectibles, that’s how you would feel. So it’s just a pretty nice and amazing collection. And so that someone is so young that they started, and I can’t help but feel a real affinity for their mother, because she obviously helped him find something that made him feel like a little boy, something Being special made sense, gave him something unique about him, to give him something to get up and do in the morning. And she really cared for that. And he made a little business out of it. So I have to say hats to his mother too.

CS: Okay, what was the coolest piece in his collection that you saw?

Whelchel: Oh my God.

CS: Because I saw that he had a huge billboard in his back yard?

Whelchel: Okay, so many. I will only say, I don’t even think that they will do this in the editing because Me-TV is very family-oriented and Collector’s Call is very family oriented. What I thought was the coolest piece because it’s just crazy about the wall was there war of stars Condoms. And the logo said “I’m not your father.” It said “I’m not your father” or whatever. It was just crazy, creepy and hysterical at the same time.

CS: Do you geek about any of this?

Whelchel: You know, I’m not excited because I’m not a collector. I actually simplify things by nature, so a little stricter in my home. But I really love going into someone else’s house and enjoying and appreciating it. But I learn for a lifetime, so I think one of the things that I love most about this show is that I learn so much about a subculture with every show. So if it’s a collection that picks up on my own childhood, as we did with toys from my time, and there are some other things, the Charlotte Ray collection, that we naturally fall back on from my own story and childhood . But mostly I love it because it’s things I wouldn’t collect, but every time you delve deeply into a subject, it’s fascinating. And these collectors have worked intensively on it.

CS: I then assume that you didn’t steal that Jar Jar Binks in a carbonite toy he had, did you?

Whelchel: I didn’t steal anything, no. (Laughs)

CS: Okay, and you mentioned it a little bit, but how are these collectors personal after talking to them and stuff? Was there one you particularly noticed?

Whelchel: Most of the time I would say that these collectors are just happy. And one of the reasons I think is that they really have something to get them up and get them out of bed every morning. They are either waiting for a package from UPS or something they have bought, there is an online auction that they are monitoring, or they are browsing different locations, be it online or at auctions, flea markets or trade fairs. looking for the holy grail piece. So these collectors are full of joy and purpose. And I’m a life coach most of the time. I do that for my base – this is my base career. And so many people come to me as life counselors to find their purpose and passion. And these collectors have already found it in spades.

CS: What else do you have in store for the rest of the season that the audience can look forward to?

Whelchel: Oh, my goodness. I think you need to stay up to date because we have a really funny thing under wraps but they are not yet ready to announce it. The James Bond collection that was only recently aired. It was pretty fascinating. We also have others like Pac-Man, board games, The Beatles, superheroes. I’m a big fan of board games myself, I really enjoyed it.

CS: That’s great. I’m looking forward to that war of stars Episode. I will definitely tune in to see it because I am a big fan of that kind of thing.

Whelchel: Oh well. You will love it, yes you will love it. You want to pay a visit and be part of one of its conventions.

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