CNBLUE tells funny stories about their military days, favorite girl groups and much more

CNBLUE tells funny stories about their military days, favorite girl groups and much more

CNBLUE spoke about her military service in KBS2’s Problem Child in House!

During the November 17 broadcast, CNBLUE announced that it had been almost four years since they appeared together on a variety show. Jung Yong Hwa was released last year, and Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk were released in early March this year after reporting together.

Song Eun Yi shared that she had been a fan of Kang Min Hyuk for 10 years since CNBLUE’s debut days. She revealed that she tried to visit Kang Min Hyuk while he was serving in the military, but he had been busy that day and was unable to accept visitors at the time.

Song Eun Yi stated, “I’ve been in one-sided love for 10 years since CNBLUE debuted. I fell in love one-sided when they appeared on a radio show where I was the DJ. I felt sorry for him standing quietly in the background during the show, but fell in love with him when I saw him powerfully playing the drums. I also said I would learn to play drums, but I only collected 10 drumsticks. “

Kang Min Hyuk commented, “Actually, I showed interest first. She made us feel so comfortable on our first radio appearance. “When Song Eun Yi was asked to choose between Kang Min Hyuk and Buzz Min Kyung HoonThese days, her favorite junior, she said, “This is difficult. I never saw Kyung Hoon as a man. “

Jung Yong Hwa joined the special forces during his military service. He revealed, “My insomnia was cured in the military. I used to have severe insomnia, so I was concerned when I signed up, but on the first day at training camp, I passed out at 10 p.m. When I woke up in the morning I felt so refreshed. “

The three members also announced that they had all cut hair for the soldiers as they had learned a lot by watching the designers in the hair salons they went to. Lee Jung Shin said, “My specialty was the quick seven-minute cut, and he revealed that he had cut hair for over 900 soldiers. Jung Yong Hwa revealed that his specialty was to cut hair to the perfect length to cut to prepare for the soldiers’ vacation days.

In addition, Kang Min Hyuk shared this BLACKPINK and ITZY gave him strength while in the military. He commented, “At the time, the two groups were the most popular in my military unit.” Lee Jung Shin added that IU was also popular, saying, “The day started with IU’s song.” Jung Yong Hwa also told a story in which he and his colleagues desperately asked a senior officer who had a phone to play ITZY’s “DALLA DALLA”.

The CNBLUE members also touched on their musical promotions. Talking about mistakes on the stage, Kang Min Hyuk said, “I cause a big accident every now and then. I finished a song on my own once when the song wasn’t over. I was too caught up in the live atmosphere. “

Finally, Lee Jung Shin chose the day he was fired as his most memorable when he was a member of CNBLUE for 10 years. He said, “Kang Min Hyuk was released two days before me, but two days later, on the day of my release, he drove to my place in his military uniform early in the morning.”

CNBLUE recently celebrated the long-awaited return with “RE: CODE” and the title track “Then, Now and Forever”.

Observe Jung Yong Hwa in “You’re beautiful“Below…

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… Lee Jung Shin in “Cinderella and four knights” Here…

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… And Kang Min Hyuk in “Inherit“Below!

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