Clone Wars Ending & [SPOILER]The last scene is explained

Warning! IMPORTANT SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season seven finale ahead.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has completed when the season 7 finale officially ends the beloved cartoon. Broadcast exclusively on Disney +, The clone wars Season 7 is the last piece in the Skywalker saga that connects the events of the show with those of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and beyond. And although the fate of almost all of his characters is already known, it was no less exciting to see how The clone wars finally ends.

All season long The clone wars is getting closer to the climax of Revenge of the Sith – Command 66. This moment finally came in the penultimate episode of season 7, “Shattered,” in which Ahsoka fought off the clone troops who were trying to kill them, and Rex saved by removing the chip that was programmed to he did the same. Ahsoka also frees Maul and relies on the chaos that he must wreak as a good distraction. It’s absolutely so because Maul destroys a hallway full of helpless clones, but it’s not enough to remove every obstacle that blocks Ahsoka, Rex, or Maul’s escape.

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in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, episode 12, “Victory and Death”, the Republic dies and the empire rises from the ashes. Amid chaos, Ahsoka and Rex do everything they can to survive, as does Maul. Here is everything that happens in The clone wars Series finale, explained.

Darth Maul escapes … to make Crimson Dawn

Maul in the finale of the seventh season of The Clone Wars

The clone wars The seventh season finale begins with Maul as his flight continues. He shows how he uses the armed forces to destroy the engines of the Republic cruiser. With the engines destroyed, the cruiser falls out of hyperspace and begins a free fall towards the next planet. Next comes Maul into the hangar, where Ahsoka and Rex are in a standoff with the remaining clones. He spots the ship Ahsoka and Rex want to reach and runs towards it. Ahsoka and Rex try to stop him, but they can’t and Maul starts steering the ship out of the hangar. Ahsoka reaches for the force and pulls the ship back, but Rex gets under heavy fire and cannot hold out much longer. She lets go to save Rex and Maul escapes.

This ends Maul’s time The clone wars, but he’s a character who stays active in the war of stars Galaxy for some time afterwards. As suggested at the beginning of season seven, Maul still oversees the Shadow Collective, a syndicate of criminal organizations. It includes groups like the Pykes and Hutts, but also Crimson Dawn, the criminal organization in which Maul leads Solo: A Star Wars story. However, Crimson Dawn’s public face is Dryden Vos, and he appears earlier in Clone wars Season 7 in a scene in which Maul orders the leaders of the shadow collective to hide. It is likely that Maul is now on the way to meet with the other members of the collective, and especially Vos, as they crouch to overcome the rise of the empire. Some time later Solo, Maul will appear again Star Wars rebels, where he duels with Ahsoka again before tracking down Obi-Wan on Tatooine.

There are certainly more stories to tell about Maul and the future war of stars The media will surely examine his time as head of Crimson Dawn more closely. At the moment, however, Maul’s journey feels complete. Exactly what happens to Maul in the meantime Revenge of the Sith and how he survives Order 66 is an integral part of his story. The clone wars was always important to develop Maul beyond his minute appearance The dark threatand in its series finale, the show closed that remaining gap on its journey.

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Ahsoka & Rex bury the clones – because they have just done their duty

Ahsoka with Clone Graves in the season 7 finale of The Clone Wars

Ahsoka and Rex manage to find another ship and escape the cruiser itself, but when they later land at the cruiser’s crash site, it’s a gruesome scene. The clone wars The seventh season finale thankfully spared the details, but the scene in which Rex and Ahsoka leave behind all the makeshift graves of the clones who perished in the crash implies enough. Even more important, however, is the fact that Ahsoka and Rex dig these graves and bury the clones themselves. The clones that were just determined to kill them both. It is a remarkable moment that proves again that there was no truer Jedi than Ahsoka Tano.

When they first escape from the medbay and later through the hangar, Ahsoka is determined not to kill any of the clone troops trying to shoot them down. Rex also came into conflict because he killed his own brothers and wept over the idea, but he sees no other way around it. Ahsoka, however, has a smart plan to avoid killing clones, and even if Maul ruins that plan, Rex and she continue to neutralize the clones and don’t kill them. They are unable to save her from the crashing cruiser, but Ahsoka personally refuses to cause one of her deaths. In their eyes, these clones are not responsible for their actions and are victims of Darth Sidious as much as they are.

When burying the clones, Ahsoka and Rex treat them as the individuals they have not been seen as often as others. So much of The clone wars It’s about exploring the clones as humans, not just cogwheels in the Republic’s war machine, and it fits that the series finale reminds us of this in this moving scene. Ahsoka and Rex, who pay tribute to the clones by giving them an adequate funeral, are a heartbreaking way to end the clone wars.

Ahsoka fakes her own death

Ahsoka feigns her death in the finale of Season 7 of The Clone Wars

Ahsoka not only buries the clones, but also leaves her lightsabers behind and drops them on the ground, which is probably an attempt to get anyone who discovers them to believe that she too died in the crash. As with Maul, it’s no surprise that Ahsoka survives Order 66 because she’s there Star Wars rebelsbut also like Maul, the piece of their journey that closes the gap between them Clone wars and Rebels had been missing until now.

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The clone wars The seventh season finale prepares Ahsoka perfectly for where she’s going next by symbolically distancing herself from the Jedi by giving up her lightsabers. When Ahsoka comes back RebelsShe insists that she is no longer a Jedi and her new sabers are white, indicating that she is not in tune with either Jedi or Sith. Ahsoka made the decision whether to return to the Jedi Order in these last episodes of Clone wars Season 7, and however she leaned in, maybe it was even what Ahsoka Anakin wanted to say. But none of that is important now. The Jedi have essentially disappeared, and by leaving Ahsoka her lightsabers to pretend her death, she hopes to disappear just like them.

In the following years, Ahsoka will cover up her identity even further and work as a secret agent Fulcrum on behalf of the rebellion. Only when she meets another former Jedi, Kanan Jarrus, and his padawan, Ezra Bridger, does Ahsoka seem to rethink her stance, but even then she hesitates to buy herself again. Ahsoka’s time as a Jedi is tied to painful memories, just as keeping her lightsabers is a constant reminder of everything that has happened – especially her former master, whose terrible fate she even feels but does not understand.

The final Darth Vader scene from Clone Wars is explained

Darth Vader with Ahsoka Lightsaber The Season 7 finale of Clone Wars

After Ahsoka left her lightsabers behind, The clone wars The finale of season seven flashes ahead in time. It is the same place on the same planet, only now it is snowing and the bad weather has practically removed all traces of the crashed ship and the clones’ graves. Darth Vader arrives on the planet, accompanied by imperial stormtroopers and probe droids. He approaches the place of mass burial and picks up Ahsoka’s thrown lightsaber, switches it on briefly before looking up at the sky and seeing a known convent circling above him. Vader extinguishes the lightsaber and takes it with him. He turns and goes.

Exactly how long after Revenge of the Sith This scene is unclear, but with Vader in his suit and the Empire using stormtroopers instead of clones, it is evident that a considerable amount of time has passed, at least months, if not more than a year. During that time, Vader chased every Jedi who managed to escape Order 66, and it’s possible that this scene is part of it. In fact, it is very likely that investigating what happened to Ahsoka is a high priority for the empire. Palpatine wants Vader to confirm whether his former Padawan is alive or not. And normally the discovery of Ahsoka’s lightsabers like Vader would indicate that she died when the cruiser crashed, but when Vader sees the Convor flying in the sky, he seems to know that she is still alive.

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The Convor is a bird that has been strongly associated with Ahsoka for some time. First appearance in Rebels, Ahsoka calls the owl-like creature a friend to whom she owes her life. This has led many to believe that Convor, known as Morai, is connected to the daughter, a powerful Force user on the light side who gave her life to save Ahsoka The clone wars Season 3 Mortis Arc. The daughter reappears along with the neutral father and the dark side son Rebels in an old painting, and here Morai sits on the daughter’s shoulder and confirms their connection. The aspiration is present for Ahsoka in several significant moments, including her duel with Vader and her flight through the world between the worlds that she seems to guard and protect.

So that Vader can see Morai at this moment, the confirmation is that Ahsoka is still alive, even if he doesn’t quite understand why. What Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi experienced during the Mortis Arch was erased from their memories, but it is certainly possible that a sense of what was going on could still be felt through the Force. If so, then Vader will feel that the presence of Morai, the symbol of the daughter who gave her life for Ahsoka, means that his Padawan is still alive.

The Clone Wars Season 7 Ending Real Meaning

The Clone Wars Season 7 Final Shot

The clone wars Season 7 finale is about as perfect as fans hoped it would be. While it may not have answered every question or flashed forward so far, it is fully related to the later films in the saga, but focuses on the most important relationships in Clone wars – that of the clones, between Ahsoka and Rex and between Ahsoka and Anakin.

The clones have always been a focus of The clone warsand how they are portrayed in the finale really pounds home how horrible they were treated by the Republic and later by the Empire. While the clones are portrayed as human beings on the show, they are repeatedly treated differently in the world in which they live. But Ahsoka saw her as more than just soldiers bred for war, and nowhere is this more evident than in her friendship with Rex. That’s right, The clone wars The series finale spends most of its time with Ahsoka and Rex, who work together to survive, strengthen their strong bond, and bring them closer through this shared trauma. Knowing that Rex is one of the few people Ahsoka will keep in touch with only makes this end more meaningful and confirms that it is a friendship that is different from many others.

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And then there are Ahsoka and Anakin, the Padawan and the Master, who were doomed from the start. Although they don’t share scenes in The clone wars The season 7 finale is all about her in the final moments of the episode – Ahsoka thinks of Anakin when she leaves the lightsabers he made for her, and Anakin thinks of her when he later (as Vader) the same saber records. It’s as bittersweet as it gets and contrasts the happier moment when Anakin gave her these lightsabers at the beginning of the season with these dark scenes that separate them and yet are connected by the lightsaber. Knowing that this result was inevitable for Ahsoka and Anakin makes it no less heartbreaking Clone wars did a phenomenal job of telling their tragic story. In the end, these two friends are destined to be enemies, and The clone wars The series finale is when the relationship between Ahsoka and Anakin changes forever.

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