CIX shares update on Bae Jin Young’s injury and postponed comeback

CIX shares update on Bae Jin Young's injury and postponed comeback

The CIX agency has released updated plans for the group’s comeback.

On August 17, C9 Entertainment released an official statement detailing Bae Jin Young’s recovery and a tentative schedule for the next comeback.

Previously, the group’s comeback with their third mini-album, “HELLO Chapter 3. Hello, Strange Times” was postponed after Bae Jin Young sustained an ankle injury in June.

The agency said they are aiming for a comeback in October in order to schedule the album’s release just before the date of their upcoming fan meeting and to give Bae Jin Young enough time to fully recover from his injury.

Hello, this is C9 Entertainment.

This is an announcement of Bae Jin Young’s therapy results and the future activities of CIX.

Bae Jin Young, a member of CIX, was diagnosed with an ankle sprain in June. He was given medication and underwent physiotherapy. Although his specialist said he was completely healed, rehabilitation continues to help strengthen the muscles around him. The specialist said that after September 9th, he shouldn’t have any difficulty performing intense choreography.

For the comeback of CIX with their third mini-album “HELLO Chapter 3. Hello, strange time” we considered many different options, e.g. B. CIX as four members or Bae Jin Young sitting. However, we decided to postpone the release of the album to celebrate a comeback with all five members.

C9 Entertainment is currently postponing the release date of the postponed album. We’re trying to schedule the album to be released shortly before the fan meeting date in early October. The fan meeting originally scheduled for February has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Due to government policy, the fan meeting may be postponed or canceled even though all the preparations have been made, similar to February, July and August. Even if the scheduled date for the fan meeting is changed, the comeback of CIX will continue as planned with all five members.

We would like to ask you again for your understanding regarding the postponement of the CIX album due to unavoidable circumstances. We will do our best to ensure that all members of CIX can work together as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

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