Cinemas can be reopened with TSA-style check-ins and temperature demonstrations

Selected cinemas across North America reopen their doors. States like Texas, Georgia and Oklahoma are experimenting with reopening companies to the public, but with a view to social distancing. AMC and Cinemark will be closed at least until July, but smaller theaters in the U.S. will try to see what happens without new films being shown. In order to practice safe social distancing, the theaters take over TSA-like entries and temperature tests.

EVO Entertainment in Texas plans to open two locations this Monday, May 4th. They will do an “airport security style check-in,” says CEO Mitchell Roberts. Guests are sent through a locked area from the front of the house. From there, they are asked if anyone in their household has had flu-like symptoms in the past two weeks. Finally, guests have to do an infrared temperature test. If someone has a temperature above 100.4, they are not allowed to enter the theater.

Mitchell Roberts, CEO of EVO, said: “I think it is really important that our guests come in and see what we are doing to protect them.” He added: “The focus is on regaining customer trust.” With no major films coming out, Roberts will focus on films like The Goonies and other classics. Like newer films Sonic the Hedgehog and local favorites like American sniper will also be available. “We see positive things that make us feel good,” said Roberts. “Everyone has the same program mantra – classic films, good, popular things.”

Santikos Entertainment in San Antonio also opens theaters for $ 5 for adults and $ 3 for children. Like EVO, they will watch classics and feel-good films. CEO Tim Handren says: “We work more for psychological value than for net income.” He continued: “That’s what theaters are for – an escape. We will offer this escape.” Oklahoma is also starting to open theaters, though not as quickly as Texas and Georgia. How this will work is currently unclear.

Do people want to sit in a cinema during this time? Protests have been held in certain states, such as California and Michigan, to keep shops closed and keep people indoors. So there will most likely be a decent number of people willing to go to the theater. But will you like the way an airport is loaded and qualified for a movie? That will be shown. Other countries, such as China, have tried to reopen at a time when many thought it was too early and were forced to stay inside immediately after it got much worse. The new social distancing cinema news was originally reported by diversity.

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