Choi Kang Hee and Lee Sang Yeob meet Danger + Yoo in Young Makes Dinner for U-KISSs Jun in “Good Casting”

Choi Kang Hee and Lee Sang Yeob meet Danger + Yoo in Young Makes Dinner for U-KISSs Jun in "Good Casting"

SBS’s Action Comedy Drama “Good casting”Shared new stills before the upcoming episode.

“Good Casting” tells the story of three talented National Secret Service agents who were forced to become pencil pens until one day they got the chance to go back on the field on an undercover mission.


In the previous episode, a flashback scene revealed that the company’s CEO, Yoon Seok Ho (Lee Sang YeobThe first love was his tutor Baek Chan Mi (Choi Kang Hee). The new stills show Yoon Seok Ho angry when he sees Baek Chan Mi in danger. After Baek Chan Mi stumbled across someone at a rest area and fought back and forth, she released her skills as a top agent to bring her attacker down.

However, when Baek Chan Mi discovers Yoon Seok Ho, her violent expression turns into fear when she hides behind him. Yoon Seok Ho shows anger on his face when he confronts the attacker. Curiosity is growing as to why the two ended up at a rest stop and whether Yoon Seok Ho will find out his secretary’s true identity, which resembles his first love.

The producers commented: “The two characters ensure sweetness and fun amid the tense action. Pay attention to how their relationship will develop. “

Meanwhile, undercover agent at Ye Eun (Yoo In Young) and emerging star Kang Woo Won (Jun) surprise the audience with unusual sweetness. In the photos, Im Ye Eun goes to Kang Woo Won’s house and puts on an apron to prepare a fantastic dinner for him. Kang Woo Won looks incredulously at the table full of dishes, but Im Ye Eun doesn’t seem to be satisfied due to the grumpy expression on his face.

In the last pictures, Kang Woo Won sits at the table and looks up at Im Ye Eun with a sweet smile. What could be the reason why Im Ye Eun goes to his house and how will their relationship develop?

When filming the scene, Yoo In Young and Jun prepared for it by reading their lines together several times and choosing the gestures to use. Jun made everyone on the set laugh when he saw the food on the table and asked, “Can I eat that after we finish filming?”

The producers commented on the couple’s relationship with the words: “The actors are happy to see that there are many fans who want scenes with the chemistry of Yoo In Young and Jun. You can definitely expect to see more of their chemistry in future episodes. “

The next episode of “Good Casting” will air on May 18th at 9.40pm. KST.

Find out about the latest episode below!

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