“CHIP-IN” offers viewers tips on how to solve the murder secret

"CHIP-IN" offers viewers tips on how to solve the murder secret

Who Made the Painter Yoo In Ho (Nam Moon Chul) in “CHIP-IN”?

This is the key question that needs to be answered when the mystery drama of black comedy reveals the story of eight people gathering in the hope of preserving his legacy.

Police found signs of murder in the artist’s death and Yoo Bit Na (Kim Hye Joon) even found that the doctor had declared him completely cancer-free. Now the eight suspects, all suspicious of each other, must engage in a brain battle to find the real culprit among them. MBC gave an insight into who might be the one behind the murder of Yoo In Ho.

Kim Ji Hye (Oh Na Ra) and Dokgo Cheol (Han Soo Hyun)

At the moment the police are suspicious of the former lover of artist Kim Ji Hye and his half brother Dokgo Cheol. The two touched something in a secret safe with a special color, and it is very likely that Dokgo Cheol also saw the will of the artist Kim Ji Hye saw. It is possible that either Kim Ji Hye, who tried to take the artist’s wealth with her daughter Yoo Bit Na, or Dokgo Cheol, a former convict who went to prison five times, killed him out of his own greed.

Seol Young (Kim Jung Young), Moon Jung Wook (Lee Yoon Hee) and Ms. Park (Nam Mi Jung)

Yoo In Ho was not very kind to the people around him, so it is very likely that he hurt those who were close to him. He pretended to be the perfect husband of his ex-wife Seol Young, but he was completely different when they were alone. He also often criticized his manager and friend Moon Jung Wook and even forced housekeeper Ms. Park to write an apology letter for their salty food. In addition, these three people have an advantage if they secretly murder Yoo In Ho because they know about his habits and the structure of the house.

Yoo Hae Joon (Choi Gyu Jin) and Dokgo Seon (Kim Si Eun)

Yoo Bit Na may be Yoo In Ho’s daughter, but the artist’s nephew and niece, Yoo Hae Joon and Dokgo Seon, were raised by the artist himself. In particular, Yoo Hae Joon, the son of the artist’s late younger brother, sees himself as the successor to Yoo In Ho instead of Yoo Bit Na, and Dokgo Cheol’s daughter Dokgo Seon is known as Nooesis by Yoo Bit Na. These two are also prime suspects because Yoo Hae Joon watched the other family members with a listening device and Dokgo Seon acts strangely indifferent even though her uncle has passed away.

Yoo bit well

Yoo Bit Na is currently actively pursuing the real culprit to resolve allegations against her mother. However, it is undeniably suspect that the one who first discovered the dead Yoo In Ho and also found that he was murdered was Yoo Bit Na. Yoo Bit Na, who hated the idea of ​​going to her father’s villa, was constantly suffering from visions after she started living there. If their visions were related to the artist, they might have been the motivation for Yoo Bit Na to kill Yoo In Ho. Ironically, the fact that she’s too different from the other characters and portrayed as the least suspicious makes her more suspicious.

The next episode of “CHIP-IN” will air on July 29th at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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