“Chicago Typewriter” actor Park Ji Hoon dies at 31

"Chicago Typewriter" actor Park Ji Hoon dies at 31

The actor Park Ji Hoon died at the age of 31 (according to international accounts).

On May 15, the Park Ji Hoon family revealed on his Instagram account that the model actor who appeared on tvNs “Chicago typewriter, ”Had died of stomach cancer on May 11th.

In addition to the publication of the time and place At a funeral service scheduled for May 15, his family shared the following message with a photo of funeral bouquets sent by friends and acquaintances:

We only post this message in the event that there is someone whom we have incorrectly failed to contact.

We thank everyone who sent their warm consolation and encouragement during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks to you, we weren’t alone when we sent my younger brother to heaven. Your support was not only a great source of strength for me, but for our whole family. We will never forget it.

Please always be careful with COVID-19 and I hope you always stay healthy.

I would like to thank you once again.

We extend our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Park Ji Hoon during this painful time.

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