• Types of dogs

    Types of dogs

    Grouping of Purebred Dogs Selective breeding in different types of dogs was originally designed to make the most of useful traits so that dogs could be utilized for various working purposes. Ranging from hunting and guarding, to entertainment and status, different dogs developed according to the tasks for which they were required.  Breeding specific types of dogs based on looks alone is only a practice that began during the 19th Century and since this time, there have been certain breed standards that are recognized.  The different types of dogs we know and love today fall into 7 basic categories, along with an 8th miscellaneous category for dog breeds that are…

  • The top 10 Cutest Baby dogs in 2022
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    The top 10 Cutest Baby dogs in 2022

    Wanna see the Cutest Baby Dogs in one place, then this article is for you. We reviewed and filtred from 191 Baby Dogs listed in AKC the Cutest Baby Dogs for you. Of course, all Baby Dogs are Cute, but some breeds stand out especially in this area. By definition, a Baby Dog is Cute and irresistible. All Baby Dogs are Cute, but some stands out. Here is our selection of The top 10 Cutest Baby dogs in 2022. German Spitz The German Spitz is always very attentive and lively. He is exceptionally devoted to his owner. The German Spitz is also easy to train and very teachable. His indifference…