BTS sweeps all daesangs at the Melon Music Awards for the second year in a row

BTS sweeps all daesangs at the Melon Music Awards for the second year in a row

BTS won the Daesang categories for the second year in a row at the 2020 Melon Music Awards!

The 2020 Melon Music Awards took place from December 2nd to 5th. The main ceremony took place on December 5th.

Before the main ceremony, BTS was announced as one of Melon’s Top 10 Artists in 2020. IU’s “Eight”, produced by and with BTS ‘Suga, also won in the “Best Rock” category.

At the main ceremony, it was announced that BTS had won all three Daesangs (grand prizes) presented at the Melon Music Awards this year: Artist of the Year, Album of the Year (“Map of the Soul: 7”) and Song of the Year (“Dynamite”). In addition to the above awards, BTS received the Best Dance (Male) Award for Dynamite and the Netizen’s Choice Award. The MMA 2020 group received a total of six awards (seven of them including IU and Suga’s Best Rock collaboration).

In her Artist of the Year speech, RM said: “To be honest, it is not pleasant to receive such an important award in these difficult times. This year we have not been able to meet fans in person. It has been almost a year Since we’ve been able to perform with fans in person. I think a lot of artists feel the same way we do. Everyone, it’s been a tough year, hasn’t it? At the beginning of it all we felt so much anger and resentment and despair and displeasure, displeasure with so many Things. We tried to make the music we could and made music videos and worked hard. At some point we could accept reality. As human beings, we could adjust and get used to the circumstances. But that was scary because we were We are supposed to share contact with other people, and getting used to not doing that has been a frightening reality. Ironically, this year we found that s the sincere feelings we spread around the world have not been in vain. Although we cannot see each other or hold each other’s hands or hug each other, we are connected and our minds reach for each other. We recognized this anew with “BE” and “Dynamite”. We felt your love through your letters and your words. Although we can no longer perform in front of an audience, so many artists sat in their room or studio this year doing their best to make great music. From artists to fans to listeners, we’ve all started and ended our days with the same music and done our best to connect with each other. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but let’s use music to reach out to each other and hold the long winter together until spring comes again. The seasons will return and life will go on and I believe spring will come again. “

V added, “I want to mention that we are not six people, we are a group of seven people. Our last member, Suga, is looking at this. I want to tell him something now. We got a lot of awards today, so I hope you are happy and have good memories with us soon. ”J-Hope mentioned that“ eight ”was also selected as a candidate for several categories. Jimin concluded, “How [RM] said it had been a difficult year for everyone due to COVID-19. We got up again through the strength of the members and the ARMY, and I hope that our music has brought strength to other people as well. “J-Hope also thanked Bang Si Hyuk and her staff at Big Hit Entertainment, the members’ families and ARMY.

For the album of the year, Jimin said in his speech: “Thank you very much. The first Daesang we won was album of the year at the Melon Music Awards. Receiving this award again is so meaningful to us and it seems like we are paying back ARMY’s efforts. Receiving this award again is a testament to our worth. Many people have helped us to bring us to a place where we could receive such an award. Thanks to ARMY for always cheering us on and to PD Bang Si Hyuk the Big Hit staff and all of the producers for helping us make a great album. “

In her song of the year speech, Jungkook said, “Even if you’re not here, I want to shout, ‘ARMY, let me hear you! ‘Even though they are far away, I feel like I can hear voices reaching us. Our proudest times as singers are when we can give other people strength and comfort through our music. Under these particularly difficult circumstances, we released an album and a song that we hadn’t planned beforehand, and we got surprisingly good results. We were happy to see that so many people have gained strength through our song. We also took a lot of strength from this song and I hope that we can continue to work to bring comfort and happiness through our music. Thank you to all of the producers, songwriters and staff who helped us create this song. “

On Twitter, Jimin wrote: “Did ARMY enjoy our performance? Thanks to you, we have received many awards. Many thanks. This is only the beginning of the awards ceremony at the end of the year. So look forward to the rest of our services! “

Check out the red carpet here and the full list of winners here!

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