BTS ‘Suga shares his shoulder surgery decision and recovery process

BTS 'Suga shares his shoulder surgery decision and recovery process

November 21st BTSSuga held a V Live broadcast to update fans of his recovery from shoulder surgery.

Suga said, “It’s gotten a lot better. It almost doesn’t hurt any more and the pain has gone down a lot. The first three days after the operation were very painful. I couldn’t sleep well. I sleep well now and there isn’t any big problems. “He added that he is currently studying English and working on music.

He also talked about how he decided to have shoulder surgery. He said, “At first I thought it was just the result of the accident. But over time it got worse. I didn’t want to have an operation, but there was a moment when I decided to do it. I was filming a commercial and couldn’t hold the 500ml can of cider in my left hand. It hurt too much. I thought, “I can’t go on living like this.” I trained a lot from the beginning of last year. My shoulder was so bad that I tried Pilates and various other exercise treatments. It would be fine if I didn’t have concerts, but it would get worse if I did. I thought about it a lot before making the decision [to get surgery]. ”

When asked what was the hardest part of his recovery, he said, “The days are so long. I think people have to work. I usually have activities planned every day. Now I wake up wondering what to do and how to spend the day to make it worth it. I think about things like that. “

Commenting on BTS ‘new album, BE, he said, “Instead of songs with great impact, we’ve chosen quieter songs that you can listen to for a long time.” He added, “I will recover quickly and there is nothing to worry about. Please show” BE “lots of love and I’ll be back soon.”

BTS released their new album “BE” and the title track “Life Goes On” on November 20th at 2pm. KST. Suga made a surprise appearance during BTS’s comeback live broadcast where he assured fans that his recovery was going well.

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