BOL4’s Ahn Ji Young responds to rumors about the reason for Woo Ji Yoon’s departure

BOL4's Ahn Ji Young responds to rumors about the reason for Woo Ji Yoon's departure

BOL4’s Ahn Ji Young was on May 13 following “Radio StarAnd she said how upset she was about the latest rumors.

BOL4 was originally a duo with members Ahn Ji Young and Woo Ji Yoon. Last month it was announced that Woo Ji Yoon has left the duo and Ahn Ji Young will continue to promote under the name BOL4.

Ahn Ji Young spoke about “Woo Ji Yoon’s Departure” in “Radio Star”. She said: “She had talked a lot about it [departing] for a while. We’ve been advertising together for four years since our debut, and we’ve been together for ten years since we were in high school. “

She continued to talk about the reason why Woo Ji Yoon had left the duo. “She had said a lot that she wanted to rest after working so hard for four years. She is someone who enjoys new challenges, so I cheer her on. I think one day we can make music together again. “

Ahn Ji Young also said she was upset about rumors about Woo Ji Yoon’s departure. “We went our separate ways after making a good choice,” she said. “I was upset when people said they knew it was going to happen, made them look like a pitiful person, and blamed the discord between us. It’s not true that Woo Ji Yoon didn’t stand a chance to shine, our relationship was not good or it was treated badly. We get along well now. “

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