B1A4’s Jinyoung is campaigning to help local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

B1A4's Jinyoung is campaigning to help local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

B1A4’S Jinyoung informed fans of a way to help local businesses.

On May 15, the singer and actor shared a photo on Instagram, wearing a mask and holding a receipt.

Jinyoung wrote: “Hello everyone. It’s been a while! Is everybody fine? I’m doing fine too! The reason I update you so much is that I want to tell you about a meaningful social campaign. I participated in the Good Consumerism Prepay Receipt Photo campaign in Dongjak District, which I am currently working in to support COVID-19 economic recovery efforts. “

He continued: “Due to unfortunate events, COVID-19 is still close to us. Many people have difficulties because many educational, business and leisure activities are currently being discontinued due to COVID-19. However, all citizens around the world are working hard in their own way to overcome this need. I took part in this campaign because I wanted to bring in my support and think that this can be a way for all of us to gather our strengths, although this is a small gesture. I sincerely pray that there will soon be a happy day when we can all smile. “

He concluded: “Please always be healthy and I hope that your life is always full of happy things. Let’s meet again in good health! “

The campaign that Jinyoung wrote about relates to the move to visit local small businesses and prepay a later transaction to promise a future visit to the local company.

Jinyoung is currently serving in the civil service after he was hired in June 2019.

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