Apex Legends: Earn CP (The Smart Way)

In Apex Legends, earning CP is very important. This guide will show you how to get it easily and quickly without having to sand for hours.

Season 5 for Apex Legends has just fallen and there are a number of new additions to the Battle Royale IP that add extra excitement to this game. Below that are new “challenge points” and there are special ways to build them up so that the players are not overwhelmed.

Apex Legends was first published on February 4, 2019 by Respawn Entertainment, the best known for which Titan Fall and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The players take control of 20 different 3-person squads when they are flown to an island and have to spread through loot boxes before the fight. When squads are eliminated, the island “shrinks” as the edges (in the form of a ring) narrow. This forces all squads to be close to each other at constant speed, so no time is wasted chasing each other on the giant map. There are a variety of firearms, armor, components and power-ups throughout the arena that help keep each round interesting and organic.

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The colorful roster that is now available is;; Wraith, Gibraltar, Pathfinder, Lifeline, Wattson, Loba, Caustic, Bloodhound, Revenant, Bangalore, Mirage, Octane and Crypto. Each character has their own stats, benefits, and skills. Each character offers something unique so that players can experiment and find the perfect soldier that fits their style. To keep things fresh, Respawn Entertainment always finds ways to spice up the battlefield by introducing new features for each season. For season 5, the new changes are; An ‘offshore rig’ location on the map, a reconnect function, quests, ranked series and a battle pass. Season 5 Battle Pass (costs 950 Apex Coins) offers new weekly and daily challenges, weapon spells, skydiving emotes, new loading screens and legendary skins. With Challenge Points (CP) players can unlock all of these new features with the Battle Pass and they will be listed on the title screen. It is therefore recommended that players first review current challenges so that they can set up and complete a personal mission for themselves.

Apex Legends Season 5 Battle Pass

There are 4 daily challenges in addition to 7 weekly challenges. They are all changed regularly, so it is recommended that you choose a challenge and commit to it before it goes away. Completing each challenge will reward the player with 1000-3000 CP. Therefore XP is stacked over it. The Battle Pass currently has a maximum of level 100 (also 110 as a bonus). So if players reach up to 45,000 CP, they get “1 Battle Pass Level”. A Battle Pass level is used to unlock legendary skins. They are exclusive only during the set season. While it is possible to complete challenges without a Battle Pass, they are much more limited.

The most effective way to earn CP (and save time) is to focus on one-round challenges first. Players see challenges like “play a round as Pathfinder“or” Gas 10 players as an etchant. “Something as simple as this. This will at least be a good foundation, even if the CP will not be the highest. However, it will add up over time, especially while playing The updated weekly Challenges. Most CPs are achieved through weekly challenges and should be a priority. Commit yourself to using a specific weapon with a specific character on a specific part of the map. It is important to plan ahead. This will knock a few challenges into of a round, so stacking challenges is a good shortcut to unlocking Battle Pass levels. A player should stay with their teammates as this increases the chances of survival and aids in completing challenges, and more XP is gained when you get close stays together.

The weekly challenges have been changed so that they are no longer so groundbreaking. It is now recommended to turn one off before it expires. There are also “treasure hunts” that players can take part in from May 19th. To do this, 10 pieces of an artifact must be found that are scattered on the map. After each round, players receive a new “Treasure Pack” that contains new crafting metals, XP and other common items. So there is a good chance that this is also associated with challenges. Try to keep an eye on it. There will also be “Weekly Hunts” taking place in Kings Canyon, where players can go solo or fight as a team while blowing up enemies in a survival arena mode.

Try to do a little bit of everything to add CP, and don’t get into just one game mode. There is much to do Apex Legends Season 5. Beyond a simple Battle Royale game, there is now an extension of the lore that concretizes the world. With the increasing number of challenges, there is now more to do than ever. Even if the players don’t really care about the rewards, there is still the satisfaction of overcoming challenges in themselves. With new characters and an updated map, Apex Legends looks more like a full-fledged adventure to take part in.

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Apex Legends is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows

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