Animal Crossing: New Horizons crossover event for Tetris 99

The next Maximus Cup tournament from Tetris 99 will be an unprecedented crossover event for NSO subscribers to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Tetris 99 has come a long way to sweeten the pot for early Nintendo Switch online users since its surprising “free” release last year, and now the latest Battle Royale puzzle tournament is a crossover event with none other than Animal crossing: new horizons. It’s certainly the last combination players of both games could have expected, but it was probably a breeze for Nintendo to use the latter title’s wild success to expand its NSO membership base.

Every match from Tetris 99 is a highly competitive battle against 98 other opponents. Increasing stakes to real puzzle mastery rewards is the basis for the game’s frequent Maximus Cup events, where winning players can spend Nintendo Gold Points on the eShop. The popularity of a new one Animal crossing: new horizons fan Tetris-inspired creation shows that some Nintendo Switch owners don’t believe this Game change-themed Maximus Cup in Tetris 99 would be the most bizarre crossover out there, and some players of the normally soothing island life simulator might just get tired of catching worthless sea bass to take a vacation off their vacation.

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Nintendo announced its plans today Animal crossing: new horizons-themed prices Tetris 9913. Maximus Cup in a press release with the Nintendo Versus Twitter account with a brief overview of when and how the event will take place. From March 15th to 18th, Nintendo Switch Online members can “Collect event points“based on game performance until they reach a milestone of”100 event points, “at what point will they unlock automatically”A new theme inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons“for use in Tetris 99.

A beautiful island backdrop to the somewhat innate austerity of one Tetris Game is certainly a better price than bragging rights or a new nickname among friends Tetris 99 Champion. However, this price is extremely disappointing compared to those achieved in previous Maximus Cups, where the above gold points were often given as a reward. While a much larger pool of Tetris 99 Players will be able to get that Animal crossing: new horizons In the game theme as the 999 winners of previous tournaments, it’s a prize that is almost completely worthless for most players, while at least virtual currencies like Gold Points could actually be used to buy products of real value.

The price can be incredibly lackluster for both Tetris 99 Competitors who are used to the prospect of actual compensation for their time and skill, and Animal crossing: new horizons Players who have googling whole dynamic islands are still not the most terrible reward for those looking for an excuse to return to the classic Puzzle puzzle’s unique Battle Royale spin.

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Source: Nintendo Versus

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