8 K indie artists for your gentle fall playlist

8 K indie artists for your gentle fall playlist

The cool weather and colorful foliage herald the arrival of autumn and with it the change to a milder season. These days, soft, soothing melodies have just something calming and relaxing about them that makes them the perfect addition to the transition season. So it’s safe to say that after dipping my toes into the K indie scene and discovering some songs, these treasures have been repeated! In between immersing myself in the full discography of the various K indie acts, I also got acquainted with the stylistic elements that some of these artists feature and that are consistent with their musical influences.

And as they say, pictures say more than a thousand words. Here are some talented K indie artists and their styles! (And go to the Spotify playlist!)

1. Bye Badman

Bye Bye Badman, a gem of the K indie scene, is giving the rock bands of the 90s a serious throwback. The four-piece band combines more traditional rock elements with a relaxed electro-disco sound that is addictive to jam. Bye Bye Badman has left the brooding facets of rock behind to encourage a dreamy vibe that is perfectly highlighted by her fashion choices.

The members are usually dressed in brightly colored and funky casuals which definitely bring the disco-pop vein of their music to life. They’re also boldly experimenting with accessories like sunglasses and chokers to really upgrade the 90s-era references. Check out their song “Island Island” below!

2. Luli Lee

Maybe it’s not really fair to play the same person twice, but often a musician’s style evolves based on their musical artistry. As part of Bye Bye Badman, Luli Lee has taken a solo route lately. It’s refreshing to hear how her distinctive sound shines through the retro acoustic tunes she shared.

Compared to the style she modeled while active with her band, Luli Lee cuts a carefree figure in the cute folk midi dresses she wears while promoting solo. They harmonize so well with the chill mood of their new releases and definitely with the music video. It’s breathtaking! Check out her music video for Ashby Road below.

3. 10 centimeters

Any list of K indie artists would be incomplete without 4 inches, as the singer-songwriter is definitely a titan! His soulful voice simply connects every acoustic song that he releases perfectly to convey a wistful feeling.

The image he presents also agrees with his music; The most striking look from 10 cm would be his boyish shaggy hair and his round framed glasses. Only these two things help to create a sweet, innocent impression that matches the acoustic melodies he sings. Check out the latest version of 10cm in collaboration with VIXX’s Ravi below!

4. Sunwoo Jung A.

If you’re in the mood for something softer and more atmospheric to suit the seasons, Sunwoo JungA is a must on your playlist! Your art comes from the mixture of a velvety, jazzy tone with convincing and raw lyrics that keep pulling your heart.

With the various styles of music she deals with, it may come as no surprise that her style of fashion is also constantly changing. But one thing remains the same – Sunwoo JungA is not afraid of experiments. Whether it’s adding R&B influences to her music or playing with more dramatic makeup and clashing colors to enhance the mood she’s trying to create. Check out their song “Upside Down”:

5. Kafcamus

As one of the more recent discoveries I’ve made, Kafcamus’ synth-pop sounds are a great choice to relax or get your attention (it’s an odd combination, but it’s true).

The style of the band is an interesting choice as the artist is usually portrayed in a comfortable state wearing a bunny head mask. While it’s not clear if this aesthetic will be maintained, it has incarnated the mood of a milder daft punk (and I mean that as the highest compliment!). The artist’s anonymity gives a somewhat mysterious feel that compliments the relaxed vibe.

6. Ku One Chan

Ku One Chan’s songs are the type that you can hear on rainy days when you just want to relax. He has a wonderfully sweet voice that goes well with the R&B melodies he makes. The texts are also understandable as they deal with daily life and the experiences that everyone goes through.

The innocence and simplicity with which he tinkers his music is also evident in his choice of fashion. Ku One Chan prefers classic combinations of T-shirts and hoodies with jeans that reflect the restrained elegance of his musical style. Check out his music video for “Don’t Be Sad”:

7. Kim Suyoung

Sometimes we get an idea or assume what someone would sound like based on their looks. And sometimes we are dead wrong in our guesswork. One might expect a sweet and smooth tone behind Kim Suyoung’s girlish looks, so it was pleasantly surprising to hear the mature tone with which she carries her melodies. It gives their acoustic songs a welcome depth.

The texts are also simple and understandable and correspond to the classic and natural clothing of Kim Suyoung in a comfortable zone. Check out her music video for “Blank” below!

8. Ben Ha Yoonbin

Some may recognize Ben by his appearance on YG Treasure Box, but it’s great to see him back on the music scene and releasing his own music. Ben is a talented rapper himself, and his gentler and more relaxed rap style is clearly evident.

Whether he’s making music with his team or on the go, Ben usually presents himself as casual but well put together, much like his songs we love! Check out his music video for “Knight” below.

Hey Soompiers, what other K indie artists are you voting for this season? If you would like to recommend songs, please let us know. We’d love to discover more new finds!

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