8 Characters You’re In Love With According To Episodes 5 & 6 Of “True Beauty”

8 Characters You're In Love With According To Episodes 5 & 6 Of "True Beauty"

Another week means two more golden episodes of “True beauty. “This series continues to make us laugh and offers all the goodness of makeover and love. As the love triangle becomes more complex and feelings deepen, the main characters experience different emotions that we all love. Here are eight signs you are in love according to last week’s episodes.

Note: There are minor spoilers in front of you!

1. When you say to someone, “I’m just listening to you.”

Han Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeob) tries to get under Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo) Skin and decides to openly flirt with Ju Gyeong. He’s fancy and very vocal about his wrong feelings for her and it gets on her nerves. He gives Ju Gyeong the keys to his motorcycle and explains to everyone in front of the school that he will only listen to what she tells him.

While Seo Jun’s actions are not real (at first), we know that deep down he is curious about them and has a clue of interest. Knowing this, these great gestures and flirtatious scenes make our hearts beat faster. His persistence with her seems so sweet and heartfelt, doesn’t it? In Episode 6, Seo Joon’s intentions seem more sincere when he realizes how nice Ju Gyeong is and how he is disturbed by her deepened relationship with Su Ho. His evil ways are melting because of her, which obviously means that he is very similar!

When he says it from his heart:

2. When everything the teacher says is related to how you feel about someone

At this point, Ju Gyeong is very aware of her feelings for Su Ho and she can’t help but think about him all the time. When she is in class, the teacher discusses something scientific, but Ju Gyeong can’t help but relate it to her feelings for Su Ho.

Everyone was there. When you are excited about someone, you can’t help but connect everything you hear and see with the person you like. Ju Gyeong is totally in love with Su Ho. She pays attention to every detail on his face while he sits next to her and she doesn’t seem to control her emotions. It’s the beginning of your journey into intense romance and it’s super exciting.

3. When someone buys you a drink and you think too much about it

Su Ho sees Seo Jun give Ju Gyeong something to drink and while it is not her favorite, she accepts it anyway. Jealousy consumes him and Su Ho takes the drink from her and replaces it with a drink she likes – the one with a strawberry flavor.

Although it’s a small gesture because Ju Gyeong likes Su Ho, she thinks about it a lot. To see her staring at the juice, wondering if he gave it to her because he likes her, is too adorable. It’s a situation that anyone with a crush can understand. Unless we know that Su Ho actually has feelings for Ju Gyeong in this particular situation. To see him do these little gestures for her is so cute. Let’s hope he continues to convey his feelings!

4. If you use changing your detergent as an excuse to hug her

When Su Ho comes up with an excuse to see Ju Gyeong, he doesn’t want her to go straight home, so he and Ju Gyeong end up playing basketball. She trips and accidentally falls into his arms. Embarrassed, Ju Gyeong withdraws, but Su Ho hugs her again. Realizing what he’s done, he tells Ju Gyeong that he changed his detergent and wanted to know if she thought it smelled good. Smooth!

That moment was so heartbreakingly romantic. Su Ho continues to fall into his feelings for Ju Gyeong and finds it difficult to hide them. He acts spontaneously and wants to be close to her, which leads to some very adorable hugging scenes. The excuses he uses to justify why he’s hugging her and pulling her closer to him are incredibly cute. Your connection is oh so obvious and we are here for that!

5. They check their social media accounts too often

Ju Gyeong tried to keep her distance from Su Ho because she thought he was being kind to her out of pity. When he’s having an anxiety attack, he finds solace in checking her social media account to see what Ju Gyeong is up to.

Su Ho misses Ju Gyeong and although he doesn’t want to admit it, he likes to be close to her. He looks at what she is doing and this seems to give him a sense of closeness to her despite her distance. When someone is drawn to your heart, it is difficult not to look them up on their social media accounts to see what they are doing. When I saw the cold and stiff Su Ho doing it, I really wanted to melt.

6. When someone teases you but you like it

Seo Jun remains confused and amazed by Ju Gyeong. He doesn’t want to, but he is more and more attracted to her. Despite her constant joking and teasing, Seo Jun can’t help but be attracted to her. In that particular scene, Ju Gyeong continues to tease Seo Jun about seeing him in his boxer shorts, but while she does so, Seo Jun is in awe of her.

The sun just shines and emphasizes its beauty.

Seo Jun is very much in love:

When you want to hate someone but you can’t!

There are many moments in the last couple of episodes where Seo Jun is really second to guess his feelings for Ju Gyeong, but in that particular moment he really does realize his feelings for her. This moment is both fun and cute – Ju Gyeong mocking him with songs and sticking his tongue out is lovely and it’s so romantic to see Seo Jun completely taken away by her. These two have the perfect chemistry!

7. When you give your hat to someone

When Ju Gyeong comes across the girl who bullied her, she runs away and goes into hiding. When Su Ho sees Ju Gyeong running away, he finds and comforts her. To help Ju Gyeong stay discreet, Su Ho gives her his hat so she can go home safely.

I couldn’t help but love this moment. It is an epic gesture in real life and in K-dramas when a boy gives his hat to a girl to wear. It is a sign that you want to protect them and that you also feel close to them. It’s a subtle but very intimate moment. This is Su Ho trying to protect Ju Gyeong and he is trying to show his sincerity through his actions. He doesn’t want to keep his distance because he likes her a lot and wants to help her in every possible way.

8. Run to the rescue if you find out she is in danger

Seo Jun receives news that Ju Gyeong is being held by a man at another school. He holds Ju Gyeong hostage in the hope that he can lure Seo Jun in and fight him. It just so happens that Su Ho is with Seo Jun when he gets the call and the two are seething. You immediately run to her and save her.

That moment was surprisingly enjoyable and entertaining. Being the knight in shining armor and saving the maiden in need seems like a trope exaggerated in K-Dramaland, but this scene was worth the watch. The commitment and conviction with which Hwang In Yeob and Cha Eun Woo were able to fight the other guys was very gratifying and made me dizzy. This last scene also gave some serious feeling.

Watching Seo Jun staring at Ju Gyeong who is looking at Su Ho. How do we even wait for next week’s episode?

Watch the first episode of “True Beauty” here:

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