6 films for a little magic on your vacation

6 films for a little magic on your vacation

What are holidays without warm cookies, a little magic, and a good movie? Here are six magical films that will satisfy your cravings:

Are you in love

A book called “Are You In Love” given to her by a mysterious woman is So Jung (Kim So Eun) The answer to spice up your love life. What was previously sad and colorless is now alive with every man at her feet! Much to their delight, even the cold hearted Seung Jae (Sung Hoon), which she has always had a crush on, looks at her differently. Will this magical book give her the love she has always dreamed of? Or is it just going to be a mischievous prank?

“Are You In Love” is a simple romantic movie, especially if you’re looking for something unrealistic and satisfying. First of all, we can watch things change for the better for our helpless heroine. We also see the irresistible Sung Hoon fall head over heels on her and become the cutest, most romantic guy ever. That should be convincing enough, right?

Do you see “Are you in love?”:

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“Mr. Zoo: The missing VIP”

Tae Joo (Lee Sung min), a well-known NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent eager for his next promotion, volunteers to protect a diplomatic guest with a very special agenda: a VIP or a very important panda. It’s a simple mission that should have gone smoothly, but things turn sideways when an international terrorist organization abducts our dear guest. During this riot, Tae Joo is knocked unconscious – only to find out that he can now communicate with animals!

If you are an animal lover (and wish you could talk to your dog) this movie is for you. The observation of animals that guide Tae Joo’s path to rescue the VIP is not only extremely funny and exciting, but also heartwarming. And of course adorable! This magical, family friendly and fun experience is sure to make your vacation night cozy.

Check out “Mr. Zoo: The missing VIP“:

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The beauty inside

To some it may seem like Yi Soo (Han Hyo Joo) has an appointment with different people every day. But in reality, all of the men and women she is in love with is just one man, Woo Jin (played by Park Seo Joon, Park Shin Hye, Lee Dong Wook, Seo Kang Joon… the list goes on). Every morning Woo Jin wakes up to find himself in a whole new body, ranging from a dashing young man to a kindergarten student. Every morning Yi Soo lies in her bed waiting for her unknown but trusted lover to find her.

The beauty inside“Must make you cry, make you laugh, and most importantly, think about the true meaning of love. Yi Soo loved not just the attractive looks of Woo Jin, but the beauty he wore. This belief held them together so strongly, although neither of them knew what tomorrow would bring. The fantastic cast of the brightest Korean movie stars brings this beautiful, magical love story to life.

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“Green Snake”

The Guardian of the Luochuan River, Xun Ya (Ma Jia Ming), the Guardian of the Green Snake is new (Nan Shen) when she falls into its river, wounded by lightning bolts. Determined to keep the Green Serpent happy, Xun Ya builds an inn on the banks of the Luochuan and awakens a talisman paper in the shape of a young man, Zhe Sheng (Dong Li Wu you). The Green Snake and Zhe Sheng will peacefully look after the inn for 300 years. But since all good things must come to an end, peace is broken when a chaotic, angry demon brings his wrath to destroy their worlds.

This story of love and sacrifice is for those who believe in destiny and true love. It’s a real flow of tears, but what’s better than a good heartbreaking romance movie that your heart can scream to? The beautiful cinematography and impressive acting skills make this mythical legend more compelling and realistic than ever. You will not be disappointed!

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“Fantasy Magician”

When local “policeman” Zhou Tong (He bang) is maliciously framed by a rival for a crime he did not commit. He seeks help from a powerful group of superhuman guardians to clear his name. In an unexpected turn on this journey, Zhou Tong possesses remarkable powers himself and is fortunate enough to meet new allies. With new friends, new enemies come, and soon Zhou Tong and his friends are faced with bloodthirsty demons who descend on the city and threaten its eternal fate.

What’s a better combination than magic and action? If you are a sucker for the subject of superhuman group of friends fighting for justice against evil like I am,Fantasy magician“Got you covered. Watch what can only happen in a dream (if you are dreaming of giant snakes, count yourself in) that comes to life before your eyes in this story of friendship and justice.

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“The Love of the Immortal”

Immortal life, snow siren, heavenly prison! This magical fantasy film will definitely show you everything you wanted and more. Tian Yi (Eric Suen) is a newcomer to the heavenly realm preparing for his trial to attain immortality which he fails miserably. After his 100th failure, the examiner spills a small tip and tells him that unresolved issues are preventing him from moving forward. With the good intention of solving everything that was “unsolved”, Tian Yi sneaks into a restricted room and accidentally lets go of the snow siren (Lorene Ren) from their heavenly prison! But was it really an accident? The couple seem to have had many connections in their past lives …

If you like fantasy films that scream magic, magic, magic you will love “The love of the immortal. “It not only has a well-structured, interesting storyline, but also heavenly, fascinating images of different worlds. This light-hearted Chinese comedy film left fans hungry for a sequel; Let’s wait and see if we can get one!

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What fantasy movie do you watch to add some magic to your vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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