5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss “Chuang 2020” (“Produce Camp 2020”)

5 reasons why you shouldn't miss "Chuang 2020" ("Produce Camp 2020")

Chuang 2020”(Also known as“ Produce Camp 2020 ”) is back with a third season! The series is the official Chinese version of the “Produce 101” series. This season, 101 contestants are fighting for the chance to debut in a group of girls at the end of the show.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss this sensational reality competition show!

Warning: smaller spoilers for the show below.

Star mentors and a very special guest mentor

While there is no country producer representative this season, the show has a group of high-profile mentors who train participants. The mentors are the singer-songwriter Mao Bu Yi, f (x) Victoria and former EXO members Luhan and Tao. With Victoria, Luhan and Tao’s experience as idols and established performers are definitely in good hands.

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated moments on the show is the interaction between Luhan and Tao. The former group members don’t disappoint. They show their great chemistry and often tease each other playfully.

And that’s not all. The special guest mentor for the first challenge of group performance is none other than the former EXO member Kris. The reunion with “Chuang 2020” takes place about six years after leaving the group, which is why the participants and even the other mentors were touched to see the three former EXO members together on stage.

The competition is tough this time

In contrast to the past seasons, in which 11 participants debuted in the last group, only seven participants will be able to debut this season. With only seven vacancies to fill, competition is certainly more intense than ever.

In order to stir up the competition, some new elements are also presented in the show. For example, to gain the chance to appear in the music video for the theme song, participants must choose whether they want to learn the song in the one-day class, the three-day class, or the five-day class. Only participants who decide to rate the title song in the one-day class have the opportunity to apply for the middle position. If you don’t pass the rating, you won’t be able to watch the music video. A really tough and risky challenge!

Catchy theme song

When you talk about the Produce series, you can’t mention the title songs! Apart from a cool music video in which the participants are introduced, the million dollar question is on everyone’s lips: WHO is the center? The center of the title song is of course one of the most sought-after positions in the series.

However, the title songs are always incredibly difficult to sing, but 100 percent catchy. Listen to it a few times and you won’t get the song out of your head. The music video for this year’s theme song “You Are Everything To Me” captures the girls’ youthful spirit and determination to make their dreams come true. It’s so funny and pretty and it fits perfectly with the happy and uplifting mood of the song!

Check it out here:

Known faces

As in previous seasons, there are a few faces that you may be more familiar with among the participants!

The more well-known candidates are Gugudans failure, Lana (Russian singer who debuted as a soloist in Korea) and former SM rookie Xu Yiyang. Actresses like Nene from the Thai TV series “2gether” and Chen Zhuo Xuan from the Chinese TV hit “The untamed“Also caught the audience’s eye after the success of their respective dramas.

If you want to support them, the show has also opened voting for international fans, so you can now vote to find your favorite candidates!

Exciting achievements by talented and versatile trainees

With only one chance to impress the audience, the participants do their best to demonstrate their skills and charm in the first evaluation phase. From the singing battle to the dance battle, their exciting and impressive performances will surely leave a lasting impression.

For starters, you couldn’t expect a rock band performance from a girl group competition, so this unexpected, heartbreaking performance by “Gurenge” (opening title song for “Demon Slayer”) will blow your mind!

With the upcoming group battles, there will definitely be many more electrifying appearances ahead. Do not wait, find out about “Chuang 2020” and support your girls now!

Watch “Chuang 2020”:

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