4 things we loved and 1 thing we hated on episodes 11 and 12 of “When My Love Blooms”

4 things we loved and 1 thing we hated on episodes 11 and 12 of "When My Love Blooms"

In the latest episodes ofWhen my love blooms. “While in the first episode of this week the audience has to pull out their handkerchiefs, the second episode has a fair amount of fluffy scenes between the characters. Here are the things we loved and hated about episodes 11 and 12.

Warning spoiler for the latest episodes.

1. Loved: Jae Hyun and Ji Soo mourn together

The scenes in the 1990s for “When my love bloomsAlways have a way to pull your heart. Instead of seeing fluffy, romantic scenes from Yoon Ji Soo (Jeon So Nee) and Han Jae Hyun (Got7 Jinyoung) We got one fear scene after another. This week had a touching scene where Jae Hyun spends his time playing radio outside of Ji Soo’s home after his father dies. Ji Soo appears behind the house gate and listens to him.

If you love mutual longing, you will absolutely love this scene. The little details really add up. The way Ji Soo’s hand slowly reaches for Jae Hyuns, how the focus changes between them, and the music that gently fills the background sells every feeling in this scene.

2. LOVED: Jae Hyun asks Ji Soo to recognize him

The drastic change between past and present Jae Hyun (Yoo Ji Tae) was both a point of sale and a point of contention for the drama. This week we finally learn how and why Jae Hyun decided to give up his values ​​and beliefs. After discovering the reason for his father’s death, he vows to change. During this inner monologue, he hopes Ji Soo will recognize him when they meet again.

While the scene is rather bleak, looking at its reunion in the current timeline makes it optimistic. It is a recall to all scenes in which Ji Soo (Lee Bo Young) reminds Jae Hyun of what he taught her in her college years and what measures he took to change. While it has sometimes been difficult to reconcile his past self with his present self throughout the drama, this scene confirms that his hopeful and passionate behavior has not all been lost during this time.

3. Loved: Yoon Hyung Goo apologizes to Ji Soo and Jae Hyun

Is there a better feeling than a well-deserved apology? Yoon Hyung Goo (his death is approaching)Jang Gwang) finally decides to atone for his past sins. In the aftermath of this week, he not only confesses his crimes and misconduct to Jae Hyun’s father, but also apologizes to Jae Hyun and Ji Soo.

It is touching and relieved to see him finally apologize, especially to Ji Soo. Her relationship with her father shows the complicated and painful relationship that many children have with their parents. Realistically, such excuses don’t happen very often in real life, so it’s great to see that Hyung Goo is up to the agony he’s caused.

4. Loved: The amusement park scene

Is a K drama complete without a cute amusement park scene? During lunch with Joo Young Woo (Lee Tae Sung), Young Min (Ko Woo Rim) asks Ji Soo what she wants to do with her mother and sister when she’s not going to school. She lists a few things and ends her list by admitting that they should go to an amusement park. On a whim, the three belong together.

These scenes are simple and entertaining and provide relief from all the other drama that has been moving continuously. After Ji Soo and Young Min have sat through hardship after hardship, it’s lovely to see them with a big smile on their faces when they brave different journeys. It’s also heartwarming to see that Young Woo still has a strong friendship with Ji Soo after they seemed to have split up shortly after his confession.

5. HAD: Ji Soo’s house is marked for demolition

In the aftermath of this week, Ji Soo quickly puts her own fortune together after years of suffering. In addition to admitting that Jae Hyun shouldn’t leave her, she rents a new home to start her own piano school. However, the 12th episode ends shockingly when Ji Soo discovers that her new home has been marked for demolition.

Judging from the preview of the next episodes, this is undoubtedly Jang Seo Kyung (Si Yeon Park) to do. While it’s not surprising that their tactics are escalating, it’s still annoying to see. Ji Soo suffers from every episode and this week it finally seemed like the writers were letting them claim some luck for themselves. Instead, it was torn away. With luck, she hopefully will make progress in her fight against Seo Kyung next week.

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