4 things we loved and 1 thing we hated at the premiere of Flower Of Evil

4 things we loved and 1 thing we hated at the premiere of Flower Of Evil

The highly anticipated thriller “Flower of evil“Has finally premiere and, ImpressiveHas it fulfilled its promise of intrigue and tension? This drama has all the great qualities of a thriller, mixed with the theatrical fear of melodramas. Even better, it both plays the leading role Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae won who already convinced the fans with their chemistry with the Korean remake of “Criminal Minds” in 2017.

“Flower of Evil” follows the relationship between Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) and Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) and the ups and downs of their marriage. While her marriage and family appear perfect on the outside, Hee Sung holds a dark secret. He is a loving husband and metal smith by day and is suspected of being a deadly killer at night. His alleged crimes attract the attention of his wife Ji Won, who is an astute and intelligent detective.

While the premiere episodes gave us some answers about Hee Sung’s motives and crimes, she also raised thousands of other questions. The drama definitely seems to promise a great cat and mouse hunt between Hee Sung and Ji Won, which will lead to justice and heartache at the same time. Here are some of the things we loved and hated about the Premiere episodes.

Warning: spoilers for the premiere episodes below.

Loved: The first kiss scenes

Let’s face it, getting a kissing scene in a K drama between the main characters is a slow, excruciating wait of nine out of ten. “Flower of Evil” does not waste time and does not give one, but two kiss scenes between Hee Sung and Ji Won right away. The first is a cinematic underwater kiss that captivates Hee Sung, while the second is a steaming makeup session in his shop before Ji Won rushes to work.

If we put aside for a second that Hee Sung is a murderer, these scenes are a pleasure for the audience. Many fans raved about the couple’s chemistry as early as 2017 when they appeared together in “Criminal Minds”. These scenes show their chemistry in a different and romantic light. These moments wonderfully prepare the audience to feel the conflict that will be explored when Ji Won discovers the truth about Hee Sung. Their marriage seems cute, playful, and quaint, and Corrals fans are the reason for their success as a couple. The authors tease viewers to wish them and hope that Hee Sung’s past is not true, and this makes television very convincing.

Loved: Cha Ji Won’s chemistry with her colleagues

Some of the most entertaining parts of the premiere episodes are the scenes between Ji Won and her two detective colleagues Yoon Sang Pil (In the Chul Hyung) and Im Ho Joon (Kim Soo Oh). It is clear from the start that Sang Pil takes a completely different approach to resolving cases based on his gut feelings, unlike Ji Won, who likes to face the evidence directly. Ho Joon is a mixture of the two and tends to get caught between friendly disputes over who he prefers.

Their dynamism is evident in the first case, when a father is accused of pushing his son down the stairs. While Sang Pil quickly believes he did and illegally receives evidence of the man’s affair, Ji Won wipes it off and focuses on the other facts and details. Eventually, she notices that the vitamins the victim’s mother takes are drugs and links them to the affair and the crime.

Despite their differences, their team has a great sense of camaraderie, and the narrative establishes them as intelligent and competent, consolidating them as a team to be reckoned with. Your team will undoubtedly be a formidable opponent of Hee Sung’s lies and manipulations, and it will be fascinating to see how they work together to find out the truth.

Loved: Baek Hee Sungs duality

What to expect from the teasers is the remarkable difference between Hee Sung’s behavior when he’s around Ji Won and his daughter Eun Ha (Jung Seo Yeon) and when he’s alone. As soon as they don’t look, his entire expression darkens and the audience has to wonder what he’s capable of. A particularly frightening scene is when he practices the smile in the mirror.

After this scene you can see the calculation behind his smile. It’s almost like you can hear his brain telling him to make sure all the little things are real smiles on his face. It is meticulous, cunning, and no doubt speaks for how he tackles his crimes. Given that Hee Sung is so committed to his lies and kindness, he will definitely not be an easy catch for our detective team. Lee Joon Gi deserves high praise for his performance, and I suspect he will continue to shine as the drama continues.

Loved: Ji Won confronts Park Seo Young in the bathroom

While it is clear that this show will examine Baek Hee Sung’s psychology of the killers, the scene towards the end of the second episode with Ji Won and Park Seo Young (Lee Ju Yeon), a suspect of a violent murder of an older woman, also seems raise some questions. Ji Won first asks Seo Young for her DNA to test it against the DNA found at the crime scene. However, tensions increase as Seo Young shows her true face and cuts Ji Won under the eyes. Ji Won fights back and lists the different ways she could quickly kill her.

Ji Won is cold and calculating in this scene, much like her husband’s secret self. Of course, as a dutiful detective, she doesn’t pursue any of her threats. This scene brings a lot of intrigue into Ji Won’s character and raises the question of how innocent she will be in the next episodes. It also makes them a film for Hee Sung’s character. Although she could easily have pulled through with the same violence that Hee Sung and Seo Young had instigated, she decided against it. It will be interesting to see how she approaches Hee Sung’s crimes and whether her reactions continue to fluctuate between right and wrong.

HATE: Hee Sung didn’t represent Eun Ha when she was in trouble

One scene that isn’t particularly funny is when Ji Won and Hee Sung are called to Eun Ha’s school for arguing with their classmate. Eun Ha has tears in her eyes and nosebleeds after her classmate hit her for touching her doll. While Ji Won is trying her best to convey the situation and apologize, the opposing mother is rude and insensitive. Finally, when Hee Sung comes in, he gives in to the mother’s requests and asks Eun Ha to apologize.

Although he certainly cheers up Eun Ha afterwards, it’s still a heartbreaking scene. Similar to Ji Won, he has invalidated Eun Ha’s feelings and further disappointed her because he is her favorite person around the world. Seeing your cry is a total blow to the stomach and it makes you hope you never have to see it again. The question is whether Eun Ha will testify to any truth about Hee Sung’s past. Will her worship for her father be turned to something else later? It will be both interesting and exciting to see how their close relationship develops as the show progresses.

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