4 things we loved & 1 thing we hated about episodes 3 & 4 of Flower Of Evil

4 things we loved & 1 thing we hated about episodes 3 & 4 of Flower Of Evil

The Exciting Hunt Between Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae won) and Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) officially appeared in the latest episodes of “Flower of evil. “Packed with great and diabolical revelations, this week’s episodes have only messed up the secrets of the past. Maybe Hee Sung isn’t the killer he confessed in the premiere episodes. Like every great thriller drama, “Flower of Evil” continues to deliver an intense and gripping plot that leaves viewers asking for more. Here are the things we loved and hated about episodes 3 and 4.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 3 and 4 below.

Loved: Baek Hee Sung is not the serial killer

Though Hee Sung bravely admitted that he killed the village foreman to a reluctant Kim Mu Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) Last week, the aftermath of that week got him out of hand with the brutal murder of Nam Soon Gil (Lee Kyu Bok). In fact, Mu Jin is why he has alibis from both the murder and the attack of Oh Bok Ja (Park Seung Tae), a woman who Hee Sung identified to the authorities as Do Hyun Soo. First, Mu Jin finds out that Hee Sung was with him at the time of the murder, and during the second attack, Hee Sung goes into hiding and waits for Mu Jin’s signal to steal the photo back.

While the premiere episodes definitely cast doubt on whether or not Hee Sung was to blame for terrible things, these episodes seem to clear Hee Sung of any suspicion towards the audience. It is also questioned to what extent his confession from the premiere episode is true. There must be more to the story than the excerpt we saw last week when he and his sister stood over the body of the village foreman. Even if he gets the chance to kill Mu Jin in Episode 3, he lets him go instead because the police are looking for him. You’d think that would give a murderer more incentive to kill their victim, but Hee Sung makes a different choice. Since he’s not the serial killer, how will the show meet its premise? Is Ji Won really suspecting Hee Sung as a murderer? Even after she finds his watch, the look for episodes 5 and 6 seems to indicate that she will consider him a victim. It’s early on, of course, so it’s easy to assume that some key twists and turns in the plot are on the way. Either way, Hee Sung’s character has become more intriguing and it will be exciting to see him erase his name.

Loved: Hee Sung teams up with Kim Mu Jin

Much like our charming detective trio last week, this week’s episodes show the incredible dynamic between Mu Jin and Hee Sung. As soon as Mu Jin finds out that Hee Sung is not the killer the police are looking for, he suggests that they band together to solve the crime themselves. It’s a win-win situation because Mu Jin gets an exclusivity and Hee Sung can delete his name.

Although there is some tension between the two due to their troubled history, their scenes are quite entertaining. Given that both of them did horrific acts against the other, their alliance appears to be quite strong. Although Mu Jin is afraid of Hee Sung, he does not hesitate to use dirty reporter tricks to discover the truth of the past. While Hee Sung darkens after catching Mu Jin, he still talks about his relationship with Ji Won. There is a deep sense of camaraderie between them that is fun to watch their dynamics.

Loved: Hee Sung’s father’s hallucination during his battle with Soon Gil

A central scene in the latest episodes is the flashback scene between Hee Sung and Soon Gil. Gil soon attacks Hee Sung in the forest, but his attempt is foiled when Hee Sung gains the upper hand. When Hee Sung Soon Gil is over-excited and ready to kill him, he suddenly sees his father. Hee Sung’s whole demeanor gets louder when his father tries to get him to kill Soon Gil.

The hallucination of Hee Sung’s father Do Min Seok (Choi Byung Mon.) is really chill. Those demon eyes? Cue intense shudders. However, this scene is a great parallel to Ji Won’s scene with Park Seo Young (Lee Ju Yeon) last week. Hee Sung had the opportunity to indulge in violence and instead chooses against it. Of all the scenes that speak for Hee Sung’s innocence, this scene makes viewers wonder if he’s the killer everyone made him for. He doesn’t seem to be able to join his father or be like him in any way. Instead, like everyone else, he seems to be scared of his father.

Loved: Hee Sung protects Ji Won

One of the best scenes from this week’s episodes is the chase between Hee Sung and Ji Won. After Ji Won arrives at Bok Ja to retrieve the picture, he meets Hee Sung, who she assumes is Hyun Soo. They chase themselves down the street to an empty warehouse where they fight intensely. After disarming Ji Won next to a shelf, Hee Sung notices that some sharp tools will fall. Instead of leaving, he jumps out and protects Ji Won to take the brunt of the tools for her.

From the drama’s promotions to its premiere episodes, one of the biggest questions remained open about whether Hee Sung really cares about Ji Won. Judging from this scene, one could argue that he does. If he hadn’t taken care of her at all, wouldn’t he have just walked away? Little did she know it was him. Instead, he decided against it and risked getting caught to protect her. While Hee Sung claims he doesn’t feel these things, the show does a great job of mixing up scenes that prove he’s doing it even if he doesn’t realize it. No matter how their relationship develops with the upcoming episodes, it seems that their love story will be one for the picture books.

Hated: The Exorcism Review

One tormenting scene to watch this week is Hee Sung’s flashback of townspeople dragging him to an exorcism. In episode 3, Mu Jin notices that they thought he was weird and didn’t know that he really had an Antisocial Personality Disorder. In episode 4, when Mu Jin is driving through town, Hee Sung recalls the location where the attack took place. He grabs in pain and covers his face as the memory plays in his head.

This scene is painful to watch and opens the discussion about the lack of knowledge and awareness about mental illness. While the past is still murky and not all of Hee Sung’s actions have been explained, he definitely didn’t deserve to be traumatized for his father’s crimes. Since Hee Sung appears innocent, this scene feels even more heartbreaking. At the beginning of the episode, Ji Won wonders how his father could have influenced his anti-social personality, but what about the citizens who molested him? Hee Sung deserved to be treated with kindness and respect, and the villagers clearly failed him when he was younger because of their own prejudices.

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