15 Korean MVs that combine the physical with the digital

15 Korean MVs that combine the physical with the digital

Although a lot can be expressed through the use of physical objects and spaces, digital effects and animations can often make things even better. By using digital functions, completely new worlds can be created, the inanimate seemingly made real and alive, and even the impossible can be achieved. So take a break from reality and check out these otherworldly MVs that demonstrate the power of digital art and design.

Even if there are many wonderful fully animated MVs (Penomecos “Coconut bottle“And Hash Swans”Teenage boy in the closetI only focused here on those who use digital animation and effects to complement reality in one way or another.

ASTRO – “Beat”

Any AROHA can tell you that ASTRO always publishes beautiful MVs, but “Knock” is particularly beautiful thanks to its mix of physical constructions and digital images and creates a dazzling, space-like landscape that seems to cross the borders of time. I particularly like the staircase scenes that were made on M.C. Escher’s work and give this MV a real science fiction atmosphere.

Lee Hi – “hold my hand”

How cute is this video? Lee Hi himself is not only very lovable here, the 8-bit animations are a dream. From the shower with tiny pixel flowers to the detailed digital backgrounds, each component offers a magical, dreamy sweetness.

IU – “Eight” (feat. Suga)

I really like the use of animations in this video that pull both IU and viewers in and out of reality. It is interesting that there is also a mix of art styles, both of which are very beautiful, as they add extra depth to the MV and its touching story.

SOMDEF – “Slip N Slide” (feat. Crush)

Is it just me or are the pink jellyfish in this MV somehow adorable? I also like how the video scrolls continuously from left to right – an approach that feels very unusual and gives an interesting dynamic to a relatively simple MV.

Oh my girl – “non-stop”

This MV feels like a mashup of snow filters, teen comedies from the 90s and a quarantine dream with Barbie motifs. In other words, it’s very pink, girlish, and overall just aesthetically pleasing. The CGI teddy bear is also unbearably cute. It begins as an ordinary lifeless toy and eventually develops into a multi-storey, rainbow-colored bear with its own spirit.

Gray – “TMI”

I like the way “TMI” uses simple, monochromatic sets and creatively overlays text and fun graphics to add movement and contrast, which in turn emphasizes the duality of a successful celebrity and an everyday person. Aside from being relevant to this article, both the MV and the song are strangely representative of the time we live in (although I could have Baskin Robbins appear spontaneously in my living room).

AOA – “Bingle Bangle”

If you liked the MV “Hold My Hand” above, you’ll love “Bingle Bangle” and the plentiful use of graphics that look like they come straight from a real video game. I find it particularly cute that the MV alternates between Mina playing a game in her room and the world in that game, and finally makes Mina a video game character herself.


As if the lively, boldly patterned outfits from BTS weren’t eye-catching enough, the digital effects used in this MV are even more unusual. In fact, I had obviously forgotten how wild this video was until I watched it again as I wrote this article, because I certainly didn’t remember that there was a gigantic CGI shark or that Jimin was surrounded by a whirlwind of members’ faces.

Hoody – “Sunshine” (feat. Crush)

While many of the other MVs listed here use digital effects to create fantasy worlds and / or add a layer of humor, “Sunshine” contains animations with a much easier hand. Like colorful sprinkles on a cake, the colorful, scribbling animations in this video only emphasize the movements of the dancers and prove that sometimes less is more.

Red velvet – “Luck”

There’s so much going on in this video, from kaleidoscopic visions to trippy collages (there’s even a randomly dancing gummy bear !?). I love how exaggerated all the effects and animations are, as they really take you away from reality – a skill that may be valued more than ever these days – and instead let you fall into a wild jungle of happiness.

Jay Park – “V”

Only Jay Park could stand in the middle of a sea of ​​huge fruit loops and make it look a bit normal. Other playful digital effects also help improve the laid-back atmosphere of this song, including a weird green-screen surfing scene and colorful animated sequences in which imaginative creations are smoothly transformed from one thing to another.

NCT dream – “We Young”

“We Young” feels like bringing a children’s book to life that follows NCT Dream and an animated little girl on a wild adventure. The dreamy (no pun intended) backdrops complement the boyish charm of the members and create an MV that is flooded with youthful energy and carefree youth.

DPR Live – “Kiss me” + “Neon”

This video is an ingenious work with a quality that is more similar to the cinema than that of a typical MV. It’s really hard to exaggerate how well this video is produced, what with its stunning lighting effects that make you hover between cosmic dust and then send it through the universe at warp speed. Even the work behind the scenes That went into this MV is pretty interesting to see.

Stella Jang – “villain”

Although the song itself is wonderfully bizarre, the video makes it all the more by using various comic and eccentric digital elements. These humorous touches in combination with the costumes and occasional dance moves give “Villain” the feeling of an old school Charlie Chaplin comedy.

Got7 – “Precisely”

“Just Right” is arguably one of the sweetest MVs on the market and phenomenally distorts the proportions of real life. Both physical settings and digital effects are used to delightfully exaggerate reality. Be sure to take a look at them Behind the scenes footage to see how big some of the set pieces actually are.

Which MVs with digital effects / animations do you like most?

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