13 sultry K-pop choreographies that are hot AF

13 sultry K-pop choreographies that are hot AF

Choreography is an integral part of any K-pop song. It not only completes the texts with its precise and interpretive movements, but is also a visual delight. Additionally, many great performances have made their mark with their amazing key dances that simply awe everyone.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the hottest choreographies that have been beautifully staged.

1. EXO – “love shot”

Our first entry is none other than EXO’s captivating performance of “Love Shot”. The dance moves are casual and flawless, reflecting the intensity of the lyrics, which are sexy written about. Plus, the members who do this feat in suits are the cherry on top.

2. Red velvet’S Irene and Seulgi – “monster”

Irene and Seulgi presented their inner dance monster in this MV. The dance moves oscillate between seductive and violent, with the girls wearing a poker face that sets the tone for the choreography. This leaves no doubt about the ability of members to pin down any routine that comes their way.

3. Chungha – “Play”

This extravagant act comes as no surprise from a dancer who has become an idol. Chungha was undoubtedly impressed with her Latin American dance number, which she pulled off flawlessly. Really, this performance is incredibly hot.

4th Wonho – “Open minded”

It’s fair to say that Wonho made a pretty good first impression with his solo debut. While the movements could be a bit strong, the overall view with its stage presence and charisma makes this stage a seductive stage that will definitely be remembered for a while.

5. MAMAMOOHwasa – “Maria”

Hwasa often incorporates sensual elements into her dance routines and she shines even brighter when performing live. The video below shows a brave and chic Hwasa who will take you on a roller coaster ride of the emotions with her lively dancing skills.

6. Gain – “Paradise Lost”

Ga In doesn’t need an introduction as their career involves daring concepts. An example of this is her comeback with “Paradise Lost”, where she presented a choreography that is downright tempting.

7th SHINee’S Taemin – “Move”

Taemin got the rhythm, the groove and the sex appeal. This masterpiece of his intrigued everyone when it was released. It is fair to say that the king of contemporary dance is also the king who violates gender norms.

8. SISTAR – “I like that”

Everyone welcomes the queens of sexy summer concepts. SISTAR has always brought fresh and dazzling dance moves to the table that just dropped their jaws every time, and this is no different. The choreography for “I Like That” is a mixture of chic and seduction in a simply ethereal landscape.

9. BTS – “blood, sweat and tears”

When “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” came out, everyone went mad for good reason. Every detail of the dance routine screams tender, sultry and overall bewitching. While BTS is known for delivering hardcore choreography, this one takes the throne to add sexy to the list.

10. Sunmi – “Gashina”

This one is for the books! The unbelievable glamor that emanates from Sunmi when she plays “Gashina” is simply enchanting. Every step she takes marks a sensual statement that she boldly flaunts on stage.

11. (G) I-DLE – “Oh my God”

This goosebumps-worthy song comes with an equally cool choreography that highlights the sexy in (G) I-DLE with a gothic touch. The entire performance deserves its name as you will say “Oh my God” in every dance scene.

12th Girls’ Day – “Something”

This 2014 gem undoubtedly has a place in that capacity. The slow choreography of Girl’s Day is really something. The dance moves are as meticulous as they are sultry and without a doubt leave the audience speechless.

13. CL – “Hello bitches”

Trust? Check. Charisma? Check. Choreography? Check. “Hello Bitches” is one of CL’s bravest dance performances, and she has proven it every time she put it on stage. Plus, her sexuality shoots through the roof in the number she delivers towards the end of the performance video. That’s the nastiest woman for you!

What is your favorite sultry choreography? Let us know in the comments below.

Esmee L.. is a Moroccan avid dreamer, writer and Hallyu enthusiast.

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