12 times C-drama “Go Ahead” made us reach for the tissues

12 times C-drama "Go Ahead" made us reach for the tissues

The currently broadcast “Go straight aheadIs That it Drama that is currently taking social media by storm. This Chinese drama revolves around a small family unit of five, not all of whom have to do with blood, but are close to each other’s hearts. It’s a story (at least in the earlier parts) of family love, struggles and hardships and compromises. And especially with the three children, it is about growing up, experiencing the injustices of life and moving on.

Often times, the relationships between this small family unit – single fathers Li Hai Chao (Do Song Yan) and Ling He Ping (Zhang Xi Lin) and children Ling Xiao (Song Wei Long), He Zi Qiu (Steven Zhang) and Li Jian Jian (Tan Song Yun) – are so cute and heartwarming that you wished you were part of them. I mean who doesn’t want two super cute brothers who fell in love with you, Amirite? And it’s their bonds with one another that make the earlier episodes of the drama so addicting, and you can’t help but watch more.

From left to right: Second oldest He Zi Qiu, youngest Li Jian Jian, oldest Ling Xiao

Here are some of those moments from previous episodes that made us reach for the tissues:

Warning: spoilers for episodes 1 to 12.

When three unrelated children become siblings

As Ling He Ping, his wife Chen Ting (Yang Tong Shu), and her little son Ling Xiao moves into Li Jian Jian’s apartment first, she likes him right away. She always wanted a big brother, so she always pays attention to him, but Ling Xiao is aloof and keeps her distance. But one day after learning that Lee Jian Jian and He Zi Qiu had been injured, he knocked on their door, handed them a bag of medicine, and left without a word. And then we know that the warmth of the Li Ling family warmed up Xiao.

And just as the Li Ling Xiao family shows affection, he also takes care of little Zi Qiu when he joins their little family. Li Jian Jian is initially unwelcome to Zi Qiu and feels that he is stealing her father, so she often harasses him. But Ling Xiao makes him feel included and welcome, and their fraternal bond only grows from there.

When he first called Zi Qiu Li Hai Chao “Dad”

Li Hai Chao and He Zi Qiu’s mother, He Mei (Luna Yuan), will be set up on an agreed date. After a few meetings, He Mei’s mother suddenly falls ill and leaves town to take care of her. She borrows some money from Hai Chao to help with the medical bills, while leaving Zi Qiu with her, promising she will be back soon. Misunderstanding the situation, Zi Qiu thinks the adults are getting married and says “Dad”. This amuses and touches Hai Chao and from then on he takes in Zi Qiu and raises him like his own son.

When we learn how broken Ling Xiao’s family is

The Ling family has a tragic backstory that leads to their ultimate break. Years ago when the parents were both out and a young Ling Xiao was looking after his three-year-old sister, he fed her some of her favorite walnuts (as he has often done). Terrifyingly, the sister chokes on the walnuts. Ling Xiao cannot go out and get help because the door is locked from the outside and his calls for help go unheard. The sister passes out before him and when Chen Ting comes home from playing mahjong she is already dead. This loss drives a deep wedge into the family, in which they unconsciously blame each other for death and not the time take cure from it. It’s a painful and harrowing accident that continues to plague the living, but it’s really just that, an accident.

When Ling Xiao’s mother leaves … and comes back

Family life becomes too much for Chen Ting, and so she divorces Ling He Ping. As she packs and leaves, an enthusiastic Jian Jian asks if she can “have” Ling Xiao, and Chen Ting agrees. Her innocent joy of having won a brother faces Ling Xiao’s broken heart, and it is a difficult scene to see.

Years later, after the siblings grew up, Ling Xiao’s mother suddenly comes back. By then she will be remarried and live in Singapore. She has a young daughter with her new husband. She wants to reconnect with Ling Xiao, apologizes, and explains that she was not in the right mood to take care of him, but none of this benefits him. He walks away from her and Jian Jian is so sad for him that she can’t help but hold on to him to show him her support.

When Li Hai Chao lets out his feelings

In one of the most emotional scenes of the earlier episodes, we see Li Hai Chao pouring out his emotions thanks to a little alcohol. He loves Zi Qiu and Ling Xiao like his own sons, and it hurts him when they hurt. He knows that Ling Xiao lost sleep because of his mother who reappeared, and he can’t stand it when others remind him that Zi Qiu is just a foster son. Therefore, Zi Qiu should behave and be childish to repay him. In his eyes, his sons are the best and they don’t deserve to hear these harsh words from others.

When Li Hai Chao and He Zi Qiu have a heart to heart

The relationship between Hai Chao and Zi Qiu is particularly special. They are both so alike in the sense that they place so much emphasis on family ties, and when they love, they love with all their hearts.

After Zi Qiu’s biological father, Zhao Hua Guang, appears and wants to reclaim him, Zi Qiu makes it clear that he doesn’t want anything from him. But he is concerned that Zhao Hua Guang, who has gotten quite rich over the years, might make their simple and happy life difficult. Father and son sit down and have a heart to heart, and Hai Chao makes it clear that he is very grateful that Zi Qiu entered their life so many years ago and that no matter what, he will always be there for him . This promise calms Zi Qiu’s restless heart and he returns the feelings and assures Hai Chao that he will be there for him too.

Each time, Li Hai Chao and Ling He Ping act like an old couple

Although the parent-child and sibling relationships are the focus in “Go Ahead”, the connection between Hai Chao and He Ping should not be neglected. Since both are single fathers with young children, they band together to form their own little support system. He Ping is like the stoic father who may not be able to express his feelings but willingly takes responsibility and always gets things done. Hai Chao, on the other hand, is like the agonizing mother worried about whether the kids have enough to eat or whether they are emotionally in a bad place.

The two make a great pairing that supports each other, but also quarrels like an old married couple. They also know that they do not take advantage of each other, for example when He Ping offers to pay tuition fees for Zi Qius and Hai Chao turns around and offers to pay for Ling Xiaos as well.

“Don’t you think your father is like the mother in this family?” “He is!”

When Ling Xiao has to grow up

When the siblings are talking about birthdays and growing up, Ling Xiao Jian Jian drops some wisdom and tells her that if you are legal about age, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are mature. Instead, “growing up” happens in a moment, and unfortunately that moment was imminent for Ling Xiao.

After learning that Chen Ting – the mother who left him years ago – was in a serious car accident, he goes to Singapore to be by her side. And although Chen Ting’s surgery is a success, she still needs a lot of physical therapy later, and someone would also have to take care of Xiao Cheng Zi, the little sister. All this burden falls on Ling Xiao, but he bravely takes it out of a sense of duty and moves to Singapore, leaving his small family behind.

When Li Hai Chao and He Zi Qiu learn to let go

When Zi Qiu’s biological father, Zhao Hua Guang, came up to him for the first time and wanted to “reclaim” him, Zi Qiu could not stay further away from him. But after Hua Guang causes trouble for his fellow human beings, Zi Qiu has no choice but to agree to his terms – to advance his studies in the UK. Hua Guang similarly digs his claws into Hai Chao and harasses him believing that he and his low income status would not be able to provide the best to Zi Qiu and that it would be in Zi Qiu’s best interests to pursue To go overseas. Hai Chao understands this is some truth, and thus sums up the courage to convince Zi Qiu to go with Hua Guang. And just as Hai Chao wants to address the topic, Zi Qiu himself comes up with the idea. There is a small part of them who hope the other would object to the idea. So when they find that both come to the same conclusion, they can’t help but tear at the finality of the whole.

When Ling Xiao and He Zi Qiu fight

The relationship between Ling Xiao and Zi Qiu is like true brothers who mess up each other but still have each other’s backs. When Ling Xiao tells Zi Qiu of his plans to move to Singapore to take care of his mother and sister, leaving Jian Jian in his care, Zi Qiu is full of guilt and anger. It turns out that Zi Qiu is leaving for the UK soon, which means that both sons are now leaving their families for those who left them in the first place. Their anger stems from a place of guilt and compassion for those who leave them behind. We are honestly as sad as Jian Jian to see these two brothers angry enough to fight each other.

When Li Jian Jian feels betrayed

When Jian Jian suddenly finds out that her two beloved brothers will leave the country instead of going to Beijing to continue their studies – and no less return to their birth families – she is shaken. She is angry and betrayed and the reality hits her: the two boys are not really their brothers, not by blood anyway.

Feeling abandoned, she decides to run away from the problem by spending the summer with her grandmother and not sending her brothers away when they leave. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away, however, and we can easily see how badly Jian Jian is affected by this change by using simple routines like scanning the bus card three times.

After a while, Hai Chao finally gets tired of Jian Jian ignoring all of her brothers’ calls, so he sits her down and makes some sense of her. Then Jian Jian collapses and admits that she really misses being around. (We also!)

When the three siblings drift apart

Unfortunately, as in most long-distance relationships, the siblings drift apart. Little by little they have their own social circles and are preoccupied with their own lives, and eventually they have fewer and fewer things to discuss.

“What do you usually talk to Ling Xiao about?” “Not much. There isn’t much to talk about anyway.”

Your regular video calls become intermittent messages to be greeted on special holidays. And when the two brothers decide to stay in Singapore or the UK after completing their studies, Jian Jian realizes that she has stopped waiting for her return. And the close-knit group of siblings may have just disbanded before our eyes.

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Which of these moments hit you hardest? And who is your favorite brother and least beloved adult? Let us know in the comments below! And a fun fact: the real ages of the siblings are actually reversed, with Tan Song Yun being the oldest and Song Wei Long being the youngest!

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