11 K-Dramas to Boost Your Mood When You Feel Bad

11 K-Dramas to Boost Your Mood When You Feel Bad

Everyone needs a little bit of mood lift every now and then … or maybe all the time. If that mood booster is in the form of a K-drama series, that’s all the better since the world of K-dramas is pretty much endless. There are many dramas out there that will bring a smile to your face and make you feel good inside. Here are just 11 of many! (If you’re looking for calming K-dramas, check out this list here.)

The list is in no particular order.

1. “Welcome to Waikiki

“Welcome To Waikiki” stars Kim Jung Hyun as Dong Goo, Lee Yi Kyung as Joon Gi and Son Seung won as Doo Sik. The three men strive to keep their hostel afloat as they are on the verge of bankruptcy. In a twist of fate, they discover an abandoned baby in their hostel and do their best to keep the child up Yoon Ah (Young In Sun.) shows up to take her baby back.

You’re guaranteed to laugh until your stomach hurts at least a couple of times while watching this series. It’s so fun to watch the funny antics the three friends go through and you’ll be smiling from start to finish. Although they all have to deal with quite difficult times in their lives, they still manage to find humor in them. In particular, the relationship between the three friends is jealous and you will also feel warm inside when you see the adorable little baby they take under their wing.

The cuteness.

Check out Episode 1 here:

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2. “She was pretty

“She was pretty” stars Hwang Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin, a woman who was very together and popular with the boys as a child, but who grows up and cares a little less about her appearance. She got a chance at a magazine company, where she met her first love Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon). Sung Joon was in love with Hye Jin when he was younger but cannot recognize her as an adult.

This series contains all the cheesy rom-com elements that will put you in a good mood. It has the added bonus of Park Seo Joon and Choi Si Won as the two leading men, so you know you’ve got the eye candy covered. It’s a feel-good series about two characters who overcome many obstacles in life and in the end find love in each other. The wife, second husband syndrome and seeing that Hwang Jung Eum is her hysterical self will keep you smiling all the time!


Watch “She Was Pretty” here:

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3. “Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo

“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” is about a female lead in weightlifting named Kim Bok Joo, played by the beautiful Lee Sung Kyung. In the end she falls in love with a swimmer named Jung Joon Hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk) whom she met when they were kids. The two form a romance and become a campus couple. They end up overcoming many of the obstacles and stresses college students go through, but they find solace in leaning on one another.

If you don’t feel happy when Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk radiate butterflies and chemistry, then I don’t know what will! The best thing about this series, besides the adorable plot with a weightlifting heroine, is seeing the amicable romantic relationship the two main characters have. Although they are in love, they are not afraid to argue and annoy each other. And seeing the two go through personal problems for the other to help them through is so uplifting and adorable. We really can’t get enough of these two!

Check out “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” here:

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4. “Oh my ghost

Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) is an assistant cook to Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk). Bong Sun is a shy and shy girl, but she is possessed by Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi), a spirit that has a wild side. With the help of Soon Ae’s sociable personality, Sun Woo begins to notice the charm of Bong Sun.

Seeing Kim Seul Gi in anything is sure to be fun and laughing. In this particular series, she’s a temptress and is really trying to seduce Kang Sun Woo. The round-up is hysterical in itself and you really can’t go wrong with Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young as the main characters. Not only is it adorable to see the shy bong sun come out of its shell, but you will also feel the warmth of Jo Jung Suk as he opens his heart to her. It’s a feel-good love story!

Watch “Oh My Ghostess” here:

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5. “Strong woman bong soon

This romantic comedy plays the main role Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, Ji Sooand loads of fun supporting actors. The K-drama follows the story of Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), a young woman with superhuman strength. She falls in love and hopes to achieve her dream of becoming a game designer.

The kidnapping part of this series is a bit of a downer, but the main characters make up for it. The puppy love between Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) is completely believable and you will appreciate the way he looks into their eyes. Not only will the romantic part of this series make you dizzy, but Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo will definitely improve your mood. You have this power!

Now watch the first episode of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”:

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6. “Your private life

Sung Deok Mi (Park Min Young) is an art curator by day and a K-pop idol fangirl by night. If she’s not working hard, she’s most likely going to her favorite idol’s concerts and events. Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) begins to work as the new director at Deok Mi Art Gallery, and although they don’t get along at first, they find that they have a deeper connection than they thought.

Kim Jae Wook’s character Ryan Gold was pretty excited when this series aired. Ryan Gold seems to epitomize everything it takes to be a perfect friend. He is kind, gentle, understanding, and loves Sung Deok Mi with all his heart. Watching his love for Deok Mi blossom throughout the series is therapeutic in itself and puts you in a good mood.

Take a look at “Your private life” here:

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7. “Oh my venus

Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) is a personal trainer who hires a lawyer named Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah). The two form an unlikely relationship when Young Ho becomes their personal trainer. Joo Eun is committed to losing a lot of weight and improving her overall health, which Young Ho is determined to do. The two get to know each other very well and begin to see their feelings for each other.

There’s nothing like watching a makeover-themed K-drama. Everyone likes to see a drastic change in a character, and this particular series does it well. Kang Joo Eun struggles with her weight and wants to gain more confidence, which she works hard for. Seeing this character go through this journey is inspiring, and it might even motivate you to exercise and eat healthy. Perhaps.

This series also has one of the most romantic proposals ever!

You can now see “Oh My Venus”:

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8th. “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?

Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) decides it is time for her to quit her job as Lee Young Joon’s (Park Seo Joon) secretary in hopes of realizing her dreams of finding a husband and starting a family. After being quite dependent on her for a while, Young Joon cannot accept that she will leave and eventually suggests that they marry.

Let’s face it, watching a Park Seo Joon drama will improve your mood, and his role as the arrogant but soft-hearted Lee Young Joon is no different. This is a character who was ready to marry his secretary because she really wanted to get married and have a family. Talk about being selfless! Ok so he did it at the expense of her remaining his secretary, but it was still super cute. When you see all the great and romantic gestures Young Joon makes for Mi, your heart will turn to mush throughout the series, turning you into a believer in love.

Watch now:

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9. “My beautiful Sam soon

“My Lovely Sam Soon” plays the leading role Hyun Bin as a restaurant owner named Hyun Jin and Hyeon Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam Soon. Kim Sam Soon is a 30-year-old whose boyfriend cheats on her – among other unfortunate events. She ends up getting a job at the restaurant Jin Hyeon owns, and the two don’t really love each other. But when they impersonate Jin Hyeon as boyfriends and girlfriends, the two discover that they have a lot more in common than they thought.

There’s nothing like seeing an outsider come out on top. In this particular series, you can expect to find yourself feeling a little bad about the female lead role, Kim Sam Soon. She doesn’t seem to be on a break and you really want her to figure things out and find love. There’s a part of Sam Soon that many can relate to, and seeing her finally find herself and true love is not only empowering, but really uplifting! You will enjoy seeing the chemistry between the two main lines.

Now watch “My Lovely Sam Soon”:

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10. “The greatest love

“The Greatest Love” has two male leads who are both pretty much perfect. Goo Ae Jung (Gong Hyo Jin) is a lucky woman as these two steadfast men desperately seek affection: a movie star on the one hand and a doctor on the other. While trying to figure out her own personal goals and dreams in life, she also has to choose between two men who are both equally amazing.

Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin as two main lines really light the screen. Their chemistry and banter are perfect to watch, especially if you’re not interested in anything too intense or serious. The script and the whole vibe of the series are light-hearted and you will be drawn into the delightful romance between an ex-idol and a movie star. It’s like a fairy tale dream come true!

Watch “The Greatest Love” here:

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11. “Splash Splash love

“Splash Splash Love” plays the leading role Yoon Doojoon and the charming Kim Seul Gi in a drama world where history and modernity meet. Dan Bi (Kim Seul Gi) is a disciple who magically transports himself to the Joseon period. In this unfamiliar environment she meets King Lee Do (Yoon Doojoon). While the two comfort each other in each other’s company, they fall in love with a wild romance.

Simply put, this series is adorable and romantic. It’s only two episodes too, so there’s really nothing to lose! Watching Dan Bi try to adapt to the Joseon era and find out her feelings for Lee Do is the perfect type of adventure if you are feeling a little down. Their love for one another and the fact that they overcome time and space give you all the hope and smile you need!

Now watch “Splash Splash Love”:

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Hey Soompiers, which of these dramas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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