“10” remake happens with “Legal Blonde” writers and Julie Andrews Exec Producing

Warner Bros. has announced that they will re-do the classic 1979 comedy 10th. The original film played Julie Andrews, Dudley Moore and Bo Derek. The film was one of the biggest hits of the year and reached $ 75 million at the box office at home. At that time it was considered a forward-looking story. In addition, 10 Bo made Derek an instant sex symbol. Her pearl-studded and braided cornrow hairstyle in the film was copied by many women, while posters of the actress were placed all over the walls of young men in the 1980s.

Blake Edwards directed and wrote the original version of 10th. The remake currently has no director. Naturally blond The authors Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith write the script, which examines what constitutes a “perfect 10” in today’s world. Sue Kroll will produce with Jeff Nathanson under the exclusive contract of Kroll & Co. Entertainment at the studio in Burbank, CA.

Julie Andrews and Ashok Amritraj will act as executive producers. Julie Andrews, who was married to Blake Edwards until his death in 2010, had this to say 10th Remake.

“”10th holds a special place in my heart. It captures Blake’s charisma and special humor that I love so much. I’ve been thinking for a long time about which of Blake’s brilliant works should be reinvented. I am delighted that today’s film-goers will have the opportunity to enjoy a new interpretation of this classic. “

In addition to the cultural impact, 10th was also a hit during the awards season after its release. Henry Mancini’s original score was nominated for the Academy Awards along with the song “It’s Easy to Say,” which he wrote with Robert Wells. In addition, 10th He then received five Golden Globe nominations, including “Best Comedy / Musical Motion Picture”, “Julie Andrews” for “Best Actress Comedy”, “Dudley Moore” for “Best Actor Comedy”, “Bo Derek” for “New Star of the Year “and Mancini’s score.

News from a 10th The remake went round in 2008, but nothing came out. It’s unclear whether Blake Edwards wanted to be part of a remake at the time, but Julie Andrews’ new statement gives the impression that they weren’t interested in returning until the right crew got together. As with any remake, this new version of 10th is kept and constantly compared with the original version from 1979.

Blake Edwards’ view of the “grass is always greener” in relationships took the idea to a new level and humorously pointed out the mistake of this line of thinking. Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews and Bo Derek all performed well, although Moore was not the first choice. He was a last minute replacement for George Segal, who suddenly withdrew from the project. He probably wished he had stayed on board after the film came out to get rave reviews and box office hits. Deadline was the first to know about the 10th Remake.

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