10 of NCT 127 member Johnny’s best outfits on and off the stage to inspire your next OOTD

10 of NCT 127 member Johnny's best outfits on and off the stage to inspire your next OOTD

NCT 127Johnny knows and loves simplicity, but he certainly knows how to take it to the next level. He’s not as obsessed with prints as he is with layers, fabrics, and textures. He is known to maintain a sleek but casual and urban but elegant style. As a fan of blazers, leather jackets, white shirts and long coats, he likes to experiment with different shapes and lengths when talking about fashion. That’s why he manages to effortlessly turn every stage, street and / or airport into a runway. The list of favorites is endless, but here are 11 of our all-time favorite looks that Johnny has blessed us with since he showed up and brightened our lives.

Perfection of the white suit

A white power suit full of small details. The buttons, the black surfaces and even the studded belt make this simple and powerful fashion moment an icon.

Preppy vibes

Comfortable and urban with a preppy touch. We find neat details in many of his outfits, and this is a great example of one of them. Oversized pants that match his shirt, a heavy tweed blazer, and of course sneakers to break the formality, also known as Johnny in a nutshell.

Beret dreams

If there is something that Johnny is not afraid of, he pumps up his style with accessories. This retro look is transformed into a magazine cover with the additional beret and the shoulder bag.

Brilliant white

Another very white moment for the books. This white suit is full of small details that make it unique. The glittering shirt with pearl buttons, the jacket embroidered with diamonds and the velvet pants transform Johnny’s stage look into an angelic moment.

Denim on denim

Traditional simplicity. Johnny loves jeans in every shape and even more when he can wear everything at the same time. It’s a combination that may look fairly simple at first glance, but as a whole becomes an aesthetic pleasure.

Next level suit

One of Johnny’s strengths? Turn simple looks into iconic ones. While he could have chosen the simple alternative, a black suit, he opted for a light gray that not only fits him perfectly, but also breaks the traditional shape.

Kick It Era

Without a doubt, an iconic look for an iconic moment. “Kick It” is Johnny’s era and he has done everything in his power to ensure that we know. This outfit will remain in our memories forever as one of the most glorious moments in K-Pop fashion.

Check the aesthetics

This look is the definition of Johnny’s style: the white t-shirt, the open shirt, the plaid blazer and the blue jeans. It’s a simple combination that he can turn into a style statement by adding small details that completely change the outfit, such as: B. the glasses, the backpack and the belt.

Print over prints

While he usually keeps it simple, we’ve also seen Johnny occasionally messing around with printing, and if he chooses to go that route, he goes all the way in. This combination consists of checked pants and a colored crew neck. I wouldn’t normally imagine Johnny together, but doesn’t it just fit perfectly when you see it?

A style punch

Without a doubt, a look we will remember forever. It’s not just the wrong tattoos, but also the chains, the rivets, the tiny crystals on the pants, the zippers, the make-up and the hair. The overall styling is just exquisite and shows that Johnny can really do anything he tries on.

Which of Johnny’s styles is your favorite, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!

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