10 glances from ATEEZ’s Hongjoong that show he’s a fashion king

10 glances from ATEEZ's Hongjoong that show he's a fashion king

Since ATEEZKim Hongjoong has arrived on the K-Pop scene. He has only blessed us with his outstanding rap verse, production talent, focused leadership traits, and an incredible sense of fashion and style. He is seen by his members as the strict but stupid father of the group and repeatedly mentions that he is very methodical and a perfectionist. He is always on the lookout for innovation and finds his own way to express himself. Of course, this also applies to his styling decisions.

Hongjoong’s fashion cannot really be described or defined by a simple style or trend. He’s more of a guy who allows me to try this and that together, and there are no rules in choosing what to wear or how to wear it. He just fits his tummy and always looks the best, and that has been evident from his chic choices over the years.

Here are some of my all-time favorite Hongjoong looks that blew people away, from the most minimalist looks to all-leather looks, from pastel colors to punk vibes designs.

Hongjoong & accessories

If there’s one K-pop idol out there who knows the real power of accessorising, it’s Hongjoong. His love for jewelry, belts, hats (especially berets), shoes, bandanas, glasses and every single type of accessory gives each of his looks a whole new atmosphere and makes them unique and full of his personal charm.

All black uniform

While Hongjoong knows no bounds when it comes to talking about colors and prints, like many of us, he has a special love for black. He likes to play around with different textures to highlight some pieces, but he always keeps it cool and trendy.

Preppy punk boy

Preppy and punk fashion styles have nothing to do with each other, but Hongjoong finds a way to mix them up and deliver some incredible combos like the one in this photo. The clear, minimal, tailored look in combination with rivet-print platforms gives us a perfect insight into his style: Everything is possible.

Turn me yellow

It’s not that often that we see Hongjoong in a monochrome mix and look look, but when he does he likes to take it a step further. He has worn this yellow Adidas tracksuit repeatedly and it brightens up the room as well as his personality.

Pastel palettes

As mentioned at the beginning, Hongjoong can really do anything and everything, and he likes to capitalize on that talent by trying his hand at all sides of the fashion spectrum. At first glance, his style could be described as vibrant, layered solid prints with punk rock vibes inspo and the occasional retro frame, but he also likes to play with pastel colors and soft, fluffy textures that bring out his sweetness properties.

Sophistication Salon

While he gets most of his style inspiration from urban trends, he can also create sophisticated, elegant looks like no other while always maintaining his personal vibe and adding it to his look with accessories, nail polishes and makeup.

Green Airport Statement

Hongjoong knows the power of a statement piece of fashion and makes sure that a couple stays in their wardrobe. In this way, even the simplest look becomes a runway-worthy one, as it did on this airport appearance. His green flight jacket caught everyone’s attention.

Levels on levels

Knowing how to layer different fashion items is really a talent, and a Hongjoong surely has it. Hongjoong is a huge fan of prints and textures, and he’s not afraid to wear them all at once. Of course, he always adds his favorite accessories as a cherry.

Statements everywhere

Checkered prints, bright contrasting colors, quotes, berets, suspenders, combat boots … put them all on! There is no way in his head to pick just one item he loves and he knows how to combine them all so that it looks as fun, innovative and versatile as he would like.

It’s time for skirts

“Zero: Fever” brought us not only amazing videos and an album that is still repeated, but also Hongjoong in half skirts, and with it a fashionable moment that marked a new era in K-pop where there are no rules about it What idols there are may or may not wear: It’s about feeling your best.

Do you have a favorite Hongjoong look, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!

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